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2022-05-14 13:12:47 (UTC)

The incompetent delivery service

On Wednesday I went into the office, even though Jo told me yesterday she’d be in, though there was no sign of her. After work I went to help at Living Under One Sun. I wish I could have run there, but I’m still resting my rib injury. I got there very early by getting the Victoria Line from King’s Cross, which was a good thing as I originally (without looking at City Mapper) started going towards their allotment site, whereas the other site is in a different place (not far from the station). I still got there first, and a while before Dave, who talks too much, it’s hard to get a word in.

We started working before the others arrived – we had to clear an area of tables and leaves. We moved the tables too far away, not realising we’d have to bring them back afterwards. I talked briefly to Sarah about her trip to Bristol; we were in quite insistent disagreement about how to put a table back together while we were holding it, tilted. Because there was a long table, and we had a supposed Jesus Christ lookalike, we did a Leonardo pose, with Niamh and me the conspirators.

I’d arranged for my parcel to be sent to a local address offered by DPD where I could pick it up, but after the delivery time, I got a message saying that place was unsuitable for this parcel and that they’d deliver it to my house on Thursday between 17:26 and 18:26. In the evebing they put up a message saying the deliverer was a “slightly” behind schedule, and would be with me soon, but both statements were a lie, as at 20:02 I got a message saying he wasn’t coming at all. As it happened, I was staying in that night. I got a lot of the Top 100 done as I was going into the office next day to see Elina.

On Friday, not very early, DPD sent two messages, giving two different afternoon times when they’d deliver it. So I couldn’t even go in the office to see Elina in the afternoon. I was indoors at both the times they stated, but I got a message saying “We’ve missed you” which was the most annoying thing. I wish companies would just use Royal Mail to deliver their parcels, at least they give you a leaflet giving you the option to pick it up at their depot.

I went to help with some leafletting with Sam and a man who’s just been elected as a Green councillor. They’ve now got three seats whereas they only had one previously, before the boundary changes. We saw a couple of his election posters in people's houses, while we were leafletting. We did 20 blocks; I wasn’t putting leaflets through any doors showing “No Junk Mail” notices, but Sam was, and incredibly we had exactly the right amount of leaflets!

Walking back to Canonbury station afterwards I looked at the DPD message, and clicked on “your options” to see what I could do next – even though I’ll be away next week. I was amazed to find out by that method, that they’d delivered it to my neighbour Naomi. This was more incompetence by them, but was a relief to me, as they’re my Alphafly shoes and I wanted them to arrive before Jack comes back.

I made some chilli-non-carne to add to the risotto I made on Thursday. I could do with an early night but didn’t get to bed any earlier than usual.

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