Melody Wright

One Strange Soul
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2022-05-14 13:03:24 (UTC)

A Trick of the Light

It's time that I let go
Of things I can't control
This path that I've taken
Is the only one I know
Well I've come so far to get here
And I've got so far to go
So I'll take what I can get
In matters of the soul
Villagers- A Trick of the Light

So husband had a heart attack last Friday. The only thing that convinced him he needed to go to the ER was the strange flutter he was feeling in his chest. When the blood work and EKG came back it showed his heart was functioning at only 20%.
He had a stent inserted on Monday and was released on Tuesday.
This really hasn't changed the underlying issues in our marriage. After his procedure, he asked me to bring him something to eat and when I did he proceeded to gripe at me about not getting him what he asked for (it was exactly what he had asked for; I wrote it down. )
I ended up leaving him in ICU by himself. His attitude was better after that.

I had a dream I drove my car off a ramp near water but not into the water.
Another car drove off the ramp into the water. I called 911 for the other driver. Help arrived, rescued the driver and pulled the vehicle from the water. I asked if they could help move my car. They said it wasn't worth their time and I could figure it out myself.

Daughter moved back home again a couple weeks ago. She found out yesterday that she's pregnant again. But instead of talking about how to do what's best for both her 9 month old son and unborn child, she talks about how her son annoys her and she can't see herself giving up a baby. Really? You barely tolerate the child you have and you're considering taking care of another? I hope this is just pregnancy hormones talking. It isn't realistic at all. She did say she was very embarrassed to find out she is pregnant again. I feel embarrassed for her. One time is an accident. Two times makes people wonder if it's intentional.

Tomorrow I return to work and get a new employee who will make my job twice as hard (because he's new and I still have to get all the admin work done while trying to train him.)
Melody is living the life.