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2022-05-14 05:14:08 (UTC)


I am on day five with Covid.Sadly being in isolation feels very comforting.I thought it would be horrible and now realize that I not only enjoy the solitude but would like the idea of people staying away forever.
The flashbacks have decreased,but the images are still stuck in my mind.Can’t fathom what would make a family member prey on a child.The abuse seems to have transcended time and refuse to believe they are a part of our past,they seem to haunt me mostly when the sun goes down,but in our solitude have enjoyed the breaks of nothingness.No memories,no pain,little switching.I think we can deal with this by severing ties to past relationships and family or as I refer to them as my biological parents,but they definitely did nothing to raise me with anything other than fear,threats,physical,emotional,neglect abuse.I just call them Rowena and Keith.Is that wrong?

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