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2022-05-14 03:50:22 (UTC)

My Mom is Bringing Me Down

I love my mom, I really do, but she brings me down all the time. It's worse when she drinks, because she gets so enraged easily, from big and little deals, to nothing at all. She makes it where I can't write on my book or screenplay, can't finish reading a book, watching a movie, or catch up on a TV show. When I cry I get called childish or immature. She points out all my flaws and all the mistakes I make, like she is calling me stupid. Then she says she wants me gone when I have nowhere to go.

I wish she I could stop her from being this way. She uses the "My house, my rules,'' but technically it's not really hers, it's a rental house. She says she pays for everything there, when she doesn't. She doesn't care about my writing, my books club, my job, because it's for her or it costs her gas money to get there. Right now I can't drive, but am working on it. I'm also trying to get a better paying job so I can move out, but she wants me out now and that's not realistic. She is so unrealistic. I don't have magic powers or a mgaic wand. But she says "It's my house and I can drink when I want and as much as I want" and her other daughter is an alcoholic.

I just wish my mom would stop. I am at my rope's end with her. I guess I need to talk to her sister about this, maybe she can help.

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