Evolving marriage
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2022-05-12 10:58:32 (UTC)

First time High and Sex

Dear Diary,
Its 5am, Holy Shit, what happened was amazing

I got all dressed up the hour before husband was off work in leather body straps and garters, with a tight white tank top over it and short denim shorts, red lipstick, came in and had husband do the straps on the back as I couldnt reach, I had plans, he was thinking its pegging time, which it was, but more then that, and then it really became more then that.

I have been wanting to do anal more, and so I put in a plug so Id be ready, I never do that, well the plug fell out, I tried a few other items, all went in no problem and wouldnt stay in, darnit!

So I moved up to a dildo for one of the pegging harnesses, one thats a bit too big for hubby to be pegged with and that one felt good. I was able to slowly take it in, by the way hubby got me a Hitachi Magic Wand last wk and we use it all the time now!

So I used that and got all warmed up, when he came in I was sitting on the side edge of the bed vibrating my clit, he came over and said he wasnt expecting this, and I laid on my back and he saw I had one up my ass and he moved into penetrate my other hole.

THe rear one wouldnt stay so I told him to take it out, he fd me for a bit and I asked him to put it in my ass, and he did and I came within minutes, and once I do its hard to keep going, so he stopped and we changed places. I cleaned up real fast and got a piece of chocolate and a drink, husband said we should take the edibles again so we did the chocolate. I did that twice in Vegas, half of one, he gave me a whole one.

I pegged him and used the prostrate massager/vibrator first, and warmed him up with a rubber glove and fingers and the new dildo he got as an upgrade for the pegging one. He came pretty quickly once he turned over on his back on the edge of the bed and he said "Oh we are not done, Im paying you back"

We got up to get dressed for food, I told him no cooking was happening tonight, so we opted for the burger joint this time, and it was a fried chicken basket with crinkle fries and honey mustard and we shared a small peanut butter shake. I still had all the lingerie on but threw on a long skirt over it and a button shirt, I had the thigh high striped nylons also. The place had a bit of a wait so we sat in the eat in your car section to wait and chatted and then our food arrived, and we ate, and it all tasted so good, I noticed how little we talked, how good the food was, and how it seemed like we ate it for a long time watching people, tourists, and some arguments between people. Husband said "Movie and a show" and I noticed a heavy feeling behind my highs, then I felt like I was floating, rippling, and when husband talked and elaborated on things I just tuned out and closed my eyes, like momentary falling asleep feeling.

We went home, luckily the burger joint is down the street, not even a mile from us.

I got back in the house as husband was taking care of some things for my trip, he loaded my music in the vehicle and put in my phone cords, I was busy dropping my skirt and button shirt and putting the cbd oil on myself. I walked out of our room, down the hall to the kitchen where he stood getting water and walked up to him and we hugged and then kissed, and then I put my head on his chest, face pointing down and at that point, it all got blurry, I was aware but everything melded together and flowed, like movie scenes, with my eyes closed, moving in and out of things and husband turned me around towards the bedroom where we returned, he had me lay over the end of the bed, and once again things just flowed, it was like I was half asleep in bliss, and everything felt wonderful but also like I was floating while it happened, He fucked me from behind on the bed for a good long while and got the sleeve he calls "Skeletor" and it was so good and I just moved with every thrust, and then we got up on the bed together. I know he fingered me, and I put his cock in my mouth for what seemed like an hour, and I didnt let go, and it was like I couldnt, and it was slow and sensual and feeling the tip of the head was amazing and the slurping sounds heightened and thinking "Wow, its like our own ASMR, we should be filming this"

He finally had me stop, like I said, I was like in and out of sleep state and sucking and him in my mouth with what felt like an hour or more, I have no idea, I was just there and happy and in bliss. Time didnt matter, had no concept of it (He told me we got dinner around 6, it was now 10pm)

We laid in the bed together and he put on another sex and submission video, I told him about the Slave one with the master, ohh he liked it and asked me part way to sit on his cock as we watched, The guy in it has a thick cock that curves upward and I commented on that and hubby wanted to see, he was a mouthful in the blow job scenes and I was telling her to "Get it and suck it" like the actress could hear me.

I talked randomly all evening about things that didnt make sense I know but husband just flowed with all of it, I kept asking if he was okay, if I was okay and was he feeling like I was, he said yes, not the same way but he was, and he didnt act weird or strange to anything I said, he just went with it.

I talked dirty, I talked bratty, I antagonized him to spank me more by being bratty and talking smack to him.

I loved every min, this went on and on, until he came on my backside, mind you we were not cumming through most of this, but it was like being on edge for hours. I got up and showered, and it was 1:30am! We both had cotton mouth and my pussy was starting to feel a little uncomfortable and swollen, we had been at it for so long. I showered and put my special cream down there and had a big electrolyte drink. Came back to bed, he has a little indigestion so wanted to sleep sitting up, IM not sure if I dozed off or not, but I couldnt sleep and wanted to orgasm, so I got the hitachi and another movie and laid beside him causing myself to orgasm. And IM just not sure IM going back to sleep, Poor guy has to be up in a few hrs to work so I need to leave him alone and Im supposed to drive about 9 hrs today, HA! But hey I have a bed, I can pull over and nap, sleep, whenever in the vehicle.

I could fuck him again,

I was asking him is this how edibles feel? Is this how sex on edibles feels? And why didnt I feel anything before? He said it was dosage. So now we know, a full chocolate piece works for us both. Now how long does this high last? I know Ive somewhat come down or so, but still feel like I can have sex and do more with him. I have never felt like this before, not even with alcohol, like I said its like being in sexual edging bliss for hours and having the stamina that doesnt make sense and just goes on and on and your fixated on just this one thing, I told him my holes are all so used my him, I told him just before he came how this was his pussy and I will remember it on my trip and he just got all into saying that and pulled out and came on the back of my ass.

I want to feel this way again, it was amazing, how are our days getting more and more amazing and our experimenting such a high?

We did this questionaire for couples when the power was out the other night and it had a question as to what was your dream wknd trip. I had beach type ones, but he liked Vegas he said, its his place, not my fave, but Ill do it for him as he does so many things I love and makes so much room for what I want. So I was thinking, his birthday is in July, and what about getting him a stripper?

I looked up Vegas strippers, birthday ones, like one that could come to our hotel room, looks like they do 30 min to an hour, found them on several sites, but I want to know what they do you know? I know one said full monty was more, and the more you want the better the tips you give, etc.

But what would a wife tell a stripper to do for her husband privately in your hotel room with just the 3 of you? LIke I think about what I would be okay with, you know? Id have to get a brunette with great boobs, he loves brunettes, either an alt tattooed chick or just a model type brunette. Hmm a police costume with cuffs is cool too. Imagine a knock on our hotel room and totally surprising him? HE WOULD NOT EXPECT ME TO DO THIS! He would be so in shock Im sure.

Do the girls touch, do they just dance and take off their clothes? Is it on his lap, do different things happen with things like this?

We are a conservative looking couple, pretty tame looking and super clean, so we would probably look all cute and innocent to a stripper? And me just wanting my hubby teased and aroused for his birthday with a half naked woman, I imagine on his lap, but like I said, not sure how that all works.

We shall see if I make this happen, but its an idea. Hed so not expect it from me

When we did the questions the other day we had one like "Something your surprised by me" and he said "How much you let your freak flag fly, I like it"

So Im on the couch in my soft comfy robe, with a blanket, and the laptop on my lap, sitting here documenting this crazy time in our life and my first time being high and having sex while doing so.

I swear he is trying to cause me not to leave by doing all this....

I just want to go back in the bedroom and play some more, but I need to let the man sleep for work right? He will have been up half the night, wonder if hes asleep right now or sitting up on his phone in bed right now? We seem to wake up early and go back to sleep off and on after 5am.

I think about getting to my destination and sleeping on the air mattress in my quiet place in the country, I brought tea bags so I can sit on the porch at night in the pitch darkness. I hope my solar twinkle lights on the porch still work, Ill put my folding chair and sit there, sit there and think about how great life is, in my bubble of the world. We dont watch a lot of news or politics anymore, we used to, but we are both over it. And also I told him the other day when one of the questions was "Tell your partner something you dont know about me" and I said "That I have a running dialogue going on in the back of my head at all times, saying "Is this okay for me to do, is this good or bad?" that its all religious and moral based, over the things that I am doing and it runs constantly and I have the voices telling me what Im doing wrong but Im pushing beyond them but have this guilt running telling me Im inviting in demons. Yes if you knew my past or being in the church, this was a big part of my life. I have had deliverance of some things many yrs ago and the man and woman who do it I adore and love greatly and am friends with them online, they have prayed over me, to the point where I began to drive heave and spit up things and it had to do with my father when I really let it out.

They teach on porn, they teach on drug use, they say it invites in demons.

And that is the dialogue I have running

And then I just want to be free, am I brainwashed? Is it real? Which is it?

Which am I?

WHat do I believe? When you spend most of your life in this mindset its hard to be free, its what kept me with my ex

WHere is the good and the bad, where does it fit, where does my sexuality and spirituality rest? WHat is okay or what isnt? Im doing what feels good and in my home with my partner, my best friend, my husband. Am I okay?

I know my husband doesnt relate to my brain with this stuff, as he doesnt struggle the way I do, but he has his own quirks and thoughts that are dark I dont get, so I reminded him of that when he seemed puzzled by me and he was like "Ah yeah" as we all have stuff like this either from religion or family dynamics.

You know what though? Why doesnt he go down on me in all this? He says he likes it and IM all over him, but hes not putting his mouth on me? Ill have to bring that up and see what gives.... i told him I thought he didnt like performing oral that much, he said he did, and then was all talk, took him mos to do it to me, so Im wondering, with all that we have been doing and as free as we have been whats up there.

He has told me that I am so clean and I smell good and he appreciates it, I got to a lot of effort to be that way, its a fixation of mine as IM big on scent/smell/taste

But I will suck on him after hes fucked me, I dont care, I will kiss him after hes cum in my mouth, none of it bothers me

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