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2022-05-11 21:33:31 (UTC)

she's absolutely right

She's right, you know.
If you want to self sabotage and end up repeating the same grade over again, then, the stage is yours, by all means go ahead.
She's done all she could to make sure you got into the right environment to raise your grades and renew your honor as 'not an academic disappointment at least.' So if you want to take it for granted, the only one you can blame for the outcome is you. I don't know if you're attention seeking, putting all your basic responsibilities on display and then explaining how much 'difficulty' you have doing them when you really just won't do them because you don't want to. But everybody seems pretty fudging tired of it. They said it themselves. You really are just being lazy, I'm astonished at your audacity to complain day after day about the stress you feel from school despite the lack of effort on your side. Self pitying and irresponsible, it really just spells out pathetic, P A T H E T I C. And you sit here, scolding yourself for all and none to see, only to do what? Nothing. You lazy fudgetard. Why do you even live? Just to feel bad about yourself? Lame. goofy aw lame ah, go do something productive and meaningful instead thinking about yourself and all of your uselessness at the moment.
don't linger
nothing is worth it
not even yourself, shoot, of course not you lmaooo

Game Plan:
First of all, starve. Fudge you mf. I never liked you. Just die already.
Secondly, read through the spanish project multiple times and recite it out loud, at least once or twice alone and in front of them tomorrow.
Third, power read through those books, ask english teach if they actually want those checkins because fudge that's a lot of useless writing.
Fourth, fudging get the side gig out of the way, it wouldn't even take that long if you just focused and cheated "slightly" while doing it, fudge anyone else in the room that can see it, they don't give a single crap about it, and if they do they need to mind their busness.
Fifth, sleep. Sleep on time. Sleep after showering. Sleep after teeth. Sleep after skincare. Just sleep. And put on that alarm, set ur electives too (annoying dumb du dum dum dumb du dum dumb dumb system). Like I don't even care if you end up listening to some cringe sleep aid audio just put your head to the pillow and knock urself out you dumb piece of , have sweet dreams.
Sixth, Remember it. Water, Alarms, Hygiene, Sleep, Work, and a lack of awareness because I HATE THE SCHOOL POPULATION IM A SOFT AH MF i hate it so much, not even the work, just being there, i cant icant i cant even turn my fudging head, so stiff with tension feeling so ugh evbertime i so much as move an inch NO ONES LOOKING AT ME BUT IT FEELS LIKE ALL EYES ARE ON ME i cant cant cant and you fudging have to. but i can barely breathe at times, and thats nobodies fault but your own idek how a mf ends up like that, cant handle even the littlest of things (walking) properly in front of anyone? lame. lame uncool not swag, very sad and just stay away from me you awkward little

Remember. Remember and fulfill. Because? There is no reason, just do it. There's no other choice, to be frank. You either toughen up and get this teeny weeny itty bitty shriveled little small bunch of work done or you

you fail
and become just as useless to your parents and family as you are in your own head so if you get me then go brush your fudging teeth put that food away and lay tf down after turning on your alarms.
you don't deserve comfort.