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2022-05-11 20:36:49 (UTC)

Traveling adventure

Dear Diary,
Well I got up early this am, we actually had a do nothing evening and am. Husband was tired.

I was a little needy, I think getting used to all this late and night and first thing in the am had me spoiled and I just was used to something happening and either or times.

I got up and got to work on packing for my trip. Tried out the air mattress I bought and pump, cool thing is the vehicle has an outlet in the back to pump it up fast. I can use it for other things, going to bring my Ninja to make my smoothies too and I can charge my battery packs for tools and fan. The bed is a larger size so fills the entire back so it wont work for the driving portion, as I wont have anywhere to put things when Im sleeping at night. Once I get to my destination I will, but I wanted to crash in the vehicle on my drive if I wanted to, so I had to scrap that idea, but had husband come out and try the air mattress with me, so we can camp and full fit and sleep in the back, but yes we need a new roof rack for the vehicle or a back rack to carry more items. We have one of those small propane grills, Im taking that as where Im going I will be camping, I dont have electricity or water there but have a structure to stay in. So I can set up the air mattress for when Im there. Im bringing two large water jugs for water with an electric pump, so I can wash dishes, hands, have water, and I have 2 battery operated fans if needed and various battery lights, etc. I ended up putting just a portion of the backseats down and got my foam mats and made a single size bed on one side. So I have a place to crash now. I loaded in the bbq, water jugs, IM taking a ceiling fan and some light fixtures and tools, hoping to get the electricty set up this yr, so I want to at least have all the fixtures there, even if Im gone my neighbors have a key and will allow the electrician access, and that way I have everything there to install.

Its family property, 3 acres and Im all surrounded by huge trees and raspberries and all manner of things, Im looking forward to being there, sitting on my porch, having tea, using the bbq and just BEING THERE. Im sure Ill have lots of visitors as my neighbors all pop over a lot as Im the excitement when I arrive as its a tiny town with not much going on. So people stop by all the time, but I had a cattle gate installed after I left, that I will get to see in person now. So now people cant easily just come in and out, which they have on their small vehicles, nobody has been there in so long and Ive been there more the last 2 yrs so they are starting to see someone is around more. I plan to be their twice a yr, once I have electricty established, I can stay for longer chunks of time and husband can come and work from home if he wants to come along too, Last time we rented a house just outside of town, which the owners put up for sale, and we should have bought it! It was incredible, affordable, acreage, you name it, really amazing place. If things kept going the way they were with husband and I figured Id spend part of the yr there, and pick up a place. Im still looking for a smaller simple house, preferably in the tiny town where my property is, but so far nothing has really come up. There is a beat up fixer upper 7 miles away that I do want to take a look at its condition, its around $18,000 but no inside photos. So I plan to try and take a look.

Ive been loading and packing up all day, washed the new car, watered the lawns before the wind picked up, put trash in the bin, the other car battery was dead from sitting so charged that, when I return Ill get it cleaned up and out, put the back seats back in and we will list it for sale.

We dont need 4 cars. I have both my deceased parents cars and my husband has his mothers, so there is some nostalgia in all our vehicles, so we are getting rid of my Dads vehicle which I drove a lot and traveled in the last 7 or so yrs and got a lot of use out of but it broke down the last trip and cost me a lot of money in repairs and still not confident its up to snuff for travel still as its a flaw in the vehicle I found out, so its time to let it go. Its not worth pouring anything else into it. I had it towed back by a carrier company as I didnt feel confident even after the repairs at the mechanic that it would get me home going up hills through the Colorado mountains.

Im excited though to hit the road, just me and my music. Husband made me a drive with Maroon 5 and Duran Duran , its what I was in the mood for and he made that for me to play. And also I can talk hand free in the new vehicle and touch base with friends on my 2 day drive.

Fun driving through states, I like Georgetown in Colorado, an old Mining town and usually stop there and walk around and there are some good spots to eat. Some of my trips Ive driving in snow or stopped in snowy mountains. Some its beautiful and sunny. You never know what it will be but weather looks good. Some rain at my destination which seems kinda cozy for me in my little place with the rain and moderate temps. Im there before the heat and humidity arrive, which is part of why you need to go now. I will miss all the humidity and mosquitos going right now.

Both my neighbors chatted at me. Ranchers, older folks, the older man came over to say he hadnt seen me all winter, and put his arm on my shoulder. When we first moved here, they side eyed me and didnt even wave when I waved at them, but then when we had some tree trimming work done they came over and chatted and have been nice to me ever since, hes got a sarcastic witt to him, they are not a young couple but hard working, wearing their jeans, always with horsetrailers, not sure where their other property is as they are there a lot. And my other neighbor chatted at me, hes an older man who moved in just over a yr ago, we chat a lot, but sometimes I avoid him if Im working outside when Im not in the mood, hes retired and alone so I get it and I do chat with him half the time, but I just cant always do it, or Im not in the mood. We take him food now and then and he brings in our trash bins and watches over the place when we are away, hes our neighborhood watch as he calls it. Where we live now we feel safe leaving town, we can leave for a month, but our old house we didnt feel good, so much crime and theft, we needed alarms, things put away, you name it. So living here is so much different, and here and the property Im going to both have very good neighbors who keep watch for me when Im away. These are truly the types of places where people dont lock their doors at night. I havent lived in places like that until now, all of my life was in bigger cities or more crime areas, so locking your door, even during the day is what you do, and your cars too at all times.

Spoke to my big sis some on the phone, shes older then me, and boy she really wants to talk about her ailments and complaints for most of the calls, ugh it gets old as she keeps repeating the same thing and beating it to death, all she does is work and sleep and keeps saying shes going to retire, she has no life outside of that and has been doing this for a long time. I keep wondering if she will outlive the job, its hard work and shes already had a stroke and has other health issues.

Since the wind picked up I dont want to be outside and breathe all that dust in the air, we had a power outage yesterday afternoon for about 2 1/2 hrs. Winds have been bad.

So Im going to hop in the shower soon, hopefully we will have some intimate time tonight before my trip. I did pack 2 vibrators in my bag for me if we have some sexy phone or skpe time when Im gone. :)

All I really want to do right now? Is have hot sex and then hit the road. Im anxious! Excited!

I typically travel several times a yr and I havent since Jan with husband. I used to do it about every 3 mos.