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2022-05-11 08:28:00 (UTC)

😭 reading internet quarrels

I’m pretty sure people who aren’t Hispanic portraying sero as Hispanic (WITH ALL THE STEREOTYPES) is offensive???

Anyway. Somehow ended up in the SystemsCringe reddit (everything about that is probably bad) and ppl were arguing like crazy in those comments. I don’t even know anything about dissociative identity disorder or “OSSD” but people fake it? That’s crazy bro. Maybe they don’t and people are getting clowned on for no reason but if they do?? Wtf? 😭 I wouldn’t be able to have the audacity to do that bro. Mental illness is already so much of a weight to carry for those who have it, imagine mocking that. Pretty messed up. Since idk if they actually are or aren’t faking it, it’s just like I have an objective view of the argument. Who fudging knows man

AND I NEEED TO WATCH SOMEONE PLAY OMORI I ALMOST FORGOT. I have so many games to catch up on😟

Omfg?😀just read something and it looks like I have not…there are whole new levels of honesty to stoop to😐 I just can’t. Half the things I could put in here, I honestly block out of my own mind, I just couldn’t bear to remember.
Like I wish I could write those things. But as I’ve said before, I’m scared of admitting to things. I don’t want to acknowledge that I’m worse. More human. Because being human already feels so dirty

A mf had potatoes for breakfast this morning. I wish I ate breakfast in the morning 🤤 but my stomach would die😐 so I’d rather just eat lunch at 3pm with the hunger of a hundred starving people.