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2022-05-09 09:04:00 (UTC)

Vinny Wonka and the Orange-Haired Marvel Bird App… Thing…


I don't have much to talk about so I'm just gunna recap the last two days. Ummmmmm... I got a few new apps. I got Bird Alone, Kikis Vacation, Rain City, and a few other apps that were on the Here Kitty Kitty thing on the app store. Not including Bird Alone. It was mothers day yesterday too. I made her a card and stuff and my dad got her chocolate. We went to see Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness too, it was really good. The ending was a bit confusing but in a good way, that gets you wanting more. I used to say I was impartial when it came to the Marvel V/S DC debate but I think I finally chose a side. I like both but Marvel movies are definitely easier to understand and that makes me like them better. My official verdict is Marvel's better. Cancel me.

It’s two days later now (sorry for the wait) and I have a bit more news. First up, it’s Vinny’s birthday tomorrow! Yay! And Colton’s now that I think about it. Cool. Colton didn’t invite Hailey to his birthday party though so not cool. His exude was that it was boys only but Kaitlyn was invited so whatever. I thought Hailey and Colton were best friends too. Whatever, to hell with that little shit. Unless he has some GOOD explanation for this, he’s dead to me. You don’t fuck with my sister yk? Only I mess with my sister! Vinny’s never do that to me though, right? Jkjk, his birthday sleepover thing is boys only as well at far as I know. What do they think we’re gunna do? Make out? Fuck? I’m only being honest. Vinny has a girlfriend, is aeroace, and he’s practically my brother- I mean, I know that don’t know that but still. Why in the world would I be attracted to Vinny? Don’t get me wrong, he’s a pretty good looking dude but A, not my type, and B, 😣🤢🤮. Were 13, seriously! Not even an all-genders-allowed before party? I see how it is Mrs. Vinny’s mom. -_-

Second thing, I got my hair dyed again! A new color this time. It was supposed to be pink at the roots and orange on the tips but the lady messed it up and now my forehead is pink and my bangs are orange. It’s really bright and it doesn’t look bad but it’s not really what we asked for. And it cost us $60 for the bleach and dye. The lady’s nice but expensive and didn’t even acknowledge her mistake. My mom said she’s kinda crabby too. I like her though, my suggestion is that we have her cut my hair then have some other person bleach and dye it. Cause this lady cuts my hair REALLY GOOD but her bleaching and dying is meh. My mom said she’ll re-dye the bangs better once the neon orange fades out a bit. Either way I look like beaker from the Muppets for the time being and it’s awesome!

Lastly is the fact that I just went to see the Charlie And The Chocolate Factory musical. It was reallllllly good! My favorite song was Augustus’, my favorite dance routine was Verruca and the squirrels, and my favorite character was Mike Teevee. The whole thing was pretty crazy. The rigs for the Oompa Loompa puppets were great and the part where the squirrels swung Verruca around then switched her for a doll which they then ripped apart limb from limb was insane! Shocking, but smart. The music was only alright and the beginning was a bit slow but in all it was great. I’d kill to be one of the backup dancers. It looks super fun lol. Or to be twirled around by giant squirrels now that I think about it, just maybe not ripped apart thanks… I also liked how they changed Violets personality a bit. They made her an African American “queen of pop” and it was great! Soooooo much better than the original! though I will admit, you could not understand a single word she said. Her backup dancers were fire though~ Same with Augustus’ German sausage-flinging braid-swinging dancers. 11/10, loved it!

Imma go to bed now, sorry this was short, it I’ll write again soon. Buh bye!