no name
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2022-05-10 07:42:46 (UTC)

headache; but happier

this day is kind of already a waste because I only got like 3-4 hours of sleep this morning after staying up laughing at people on that app
it was worth it, it was enjoyable, I had fun
and it felt like I did more work last night than I'd ever be able to do at school.

we were late again, that was partially my fault but she always gets dressed late, how was I supposed to know she was ready? mmtch
I came into the room and my table was empty, best morning
then someone else sat down, almost best morning.

I need to fill in my electives for the day
turn in these interims
read this book
ask English teacher about past work
catch up in Microsoft

I open the video and let my mind drift and imagine. Like those imaginary scenarios that those pinterest people were so obsessed with for a bit. I don't consider myself one of them, I relate to a lot of the stuff posted though. Same with tiktok. Just a passing spectator. I don't relate to anyone at school, I'm not spectator here, just a passing ghost.
I'm getting distracted.
my head was hurting
I just want to go back to mind drifting, no explanation because it simply is, and I like it