no name
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2022-05-09 17:42:00 (UTC)

aprendo todos dias

One day, I learned that I did not like how I look.
Today, I learn and acknowledge that I do not like how I sound.

3 more senses to go.

I saw that my face changed, expressions switching to display emotion that I didn’t identify with. I did not like it.
I felt my voice waver and when it sung and laughed and it sounded like that of a child. I am a child. But I still do not like it.
If I were a guy, it would actually sound right for my voice to be deeper, more normal, at this age.

All of their forms,
I know.

It’s interesting. It’s certainly an interesting thing to see people who interact with think and perceive the world as themselves. Sometimes I wonder if my family thinks. They do great things, greater things than I would ever do. So I wonder what their thought processes are, as they do these things. Are they as pessimistic as me? Or perhaps their optimism comes from the mind as well. Are their moments of anxiousness and silence and anger glances at the real them, the forms of them that I do not know?

How many faces do I have?