Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-09 11:25:50 (UTC)

Dream part N - penguin again

Part N because I really forgot what number dream this is. I've been consecutively seeing him for past 7/8 days? In a way it's good as long as I'm not having rapey dreams. Those are horrifying.

This one has a normal setting. I'm in my room, I'm in my chair half lying down. He activated his messenger and he was texting me. He was asking me about my work and all. The problem with texting someone who doesn’t like you is: you know there's something wrong with this. I tell him it feels like a dream and probably it is. He says, I love you. I tell him, you’re not real.

And I wake up. And I feel shattered. (But still better than rapey dreams)