Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-09 07:01:20 (UTC)

Birth control pills - effects

I have been given birth control pills for 2 months now. We hear bad stuff about birth control pills everyday but giane-35 has changed my life in a good way I am so grateful. Never getting off birth control pills ever again. I was given birth control pills to regulate ovulation and it worked. Here is the effects I've been noticing-

Weight - I think increased a bit even though I can't eat much
Mood swings - in control
Depression - regular and in control. The only problem is I need to take a lot of rest
Health update - BAAAAAD. I feel sleepy all the time.
PMS- Normal mood swings. Tender breasts. A very bad headache for 2 days straight that leads me to having 3/4 napa extra a day and later causes gastric for 12 hours I can't get off bed.

But hear me out, I assumed I have PMDD because the symptoms I've experienced match PMDD and it's been gone for the past 2/3 months. I still have normal PMS that causes mood swings and all but PMDD is something I can't control. I have huge anger issues but I mask it so well but with PMDD, I can't control myself. Also the most problematic part is being suicidal because of PMDD. I still am suicidal but it comes from rage and curiosity and vindictiveness. I can retract the decision the last minute, I do believe that.

But with PMDD, it's extreme and out of control and I'm super impulsive. For the past months I've experienced PMDD, I called my close friends, cried my heart out and asked for help. They were clueless but still tried to calm me down. I just feel devastated without any reason and I have no clue where it comes from. It's an uncontrollable situation. The things I feel, I think people in hell will feel these kinds of things. It's so bad I can't even explain with words. And I was sure, PMDD would kill me if it continues.

I'm so glad I'm out of that phase. I can deal with occasional mood swings but with PMDD, I'm out of my own control.

TLDR: never getting off birth control pills again.