no name
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2022-05-08 04:10:00 (UTC)

Why did I read it

It was like a fudging disgusting car crash. It kept getting worse but I couldn’t stop reading.

Typically, I would think to spare someone my immediate thoughts about their comments, but sometimes I actually have a fudging strong opinion, how surprising …
I feel like, I could be a nice person. Im not a mean person, some out of pocket thoughts but everybody has those. Im not charismatic or socially adapted but im not deliberately rude. So there’s something.

But yeah it was just, maybe just the ending, or maybe the parts where its like dude why didnt you just go (you’ve serious fudging guts to stay in a situation where people are literally giving you social cues to leave them alone, reminds me of jidion).
But the ending especially. Like dude? Whats with the gore. Why are you homicidal. Oh wait thats not even the worst part. Its the fudging rape kink. Ahaaaa yes I actively participate in kink shaming and I shame this one with my entire existence 💯
Wtf is wrong with you, respectfully. Actually no, disrespectfully. What in the ever loving EVERYTHING is wrong with you.

Gross gross pls get help and dont inflict your thoughts on anyone in this world there’s enough bad already ughhh

I DONT EVEN WANNA RECALL. UGHHH. WTF MAN. Like I almost sympathized for the social shiz u had going on but then u pull that crap. Yeah no. Hope you grow out of that. Fudge. Wtf. Like idec.

Wifh fhat being said,
I don’t know how im gonna sleep tonight. I cant sleep wifh silence. Wont do music thats lame. Car drive and rain???? Temptinnggg i dont want to hear anyones voice right now. But at the same time I do. Idk. I cant differentiate between wanting to be alone because im lonely and sad and wanting to be alone because I want peace and solitude. Difficult.