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2022-05-08 03:37:00 (UTC)

3:30am Sunday morning

1. Age difference
2. Comfort zone

I guess it may be the difference in age that separates me from people like that. Others might be able to blend in just fine. Then again, given that I barely manage to get along with people my age online (I’m a lost cause in real life), it may just be that I have no personality and therefore, no complex interests to relate to other people.

And yeah, I’ve recognized that in order to really engage with people, you have to step out of your comfort zone. Take a leap. Get on the list. Talk to those people. Ask that question.

So, it’s a shame that I am a coward. And I lack the motivation to get into anything other people are into. Im tired. Not just physically right now. I feel bad and I feel like it doesn’t matter. I am alone. It is night. It is dark. And I am left alone with nothing but sleeping family members. Im tired. And unhappy. And i havent finished any work. God I want to die. I dont even want to wake up tomorrow just to think about all the work i havent completed and all the reasons fhat I have no friends.

I just want to sleep. And sleep. And sleep. And dream good dreams. But I don’t dream anymore.

I wish I weren’t alone. And I wish this werent my body. And I wish I didnt wish so much. Its getting repetitive. I wish I weren’t conscious at all.