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I Hate Middle School
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2022-05-07 22:24:00 (UTC)



I’m back from the mall! It went soooooo much better than expected. At first I was 100% convinced it was gunna suck. Avery was being indecisive about seeing a movie or not, it took an entire day to figure o who was driving who, and I was sure that Avery and Michael were going to ignore me in favor of themselves the entire time but no, overall it was good. We went to Tillys where we just looked around, the pet store where I got some cute photos of the two of them with puppies, Totally Tea where we got some boba, Hot topic where I got some earrings (I’ll tell you more about that later), Spencer’s where I got some sun glasses, and FYE where I got some candy. I had so much fun walking around with them though. Everything was so much better than I ever could’ve imagined. I always saw those groups of teens walking around the mall thinking they were so cool and kinda frowned upon it but now… I still do, but at least I understand why they do it now. It’s fun as hell!

I was gunna wait till the end to tell you what happened at Hot Topic but I can’t wait, I’ll just tell you now. Depending on who you are you either WILL NOT BELIVE I did that, or be like “meh I’ve done worse.” There’s no in between lol. I guess there’s no more stalling… I kinda sorta stole an earring from there. Yep, not two earrings, just one. Craaaaaazy right? Well I kinda stole two. Maybe? I’ll explain more. Okay so there was this really cute set of earring they were selling there. It was Kuromi themed, all pink and black… except for one. This one earring stood out so much, it was this cinnamaroll earring and it was light blue and just looked nothing like anything I would wear. Then I looked at this other hello kitty earring pack and saw this pink spiky hoop earring that I HAD to have. Sooooooo I switched them out. I put the cinnamaroll earring where the spiky one went and the spiky one where the cinnamaroll one went. I was scared but I got away with it with no problem… but then we went back into the store… See, the earrings I bought were made to be mismatched so they only sold one of each kind. But I couldn’t find any other earring that would match with the spiky one… so I may or may not have stolen the earring off one of the other packs and pocketed it… I know! I shouldn’t have done it! And I do feel bad… but I’m a teenager, that’s what we do. I know it’s no excuse but I really wanted it and- ough! I can’t tell if I’m making it a bigger deal than needed or acting like it’s a smaller deal than it is. Either way, it was worth it in the end. Nobody got caught, nobody lost a job, and that earring was only worth like $2 anyways. I’m going to hell for petty theft.

I also got Michael into Hot Topic stuff. Kinda. We were in the mall walking around when he suggested we go to Hot Topic. He said it wasn’t to buy anything, just to look at the people who shop there. He said it in a mean way but whatever. I told him that like half my wardrobe comes from there and he redacted his statement. He said that it wasn’t the store itself but something else, I don’t really remember. Either way we ended up going there and he legit spent like 30 minutes there looking at earrings and necklaces. He doesn’t even have his ears pierced yet! Then after we left he insisted on coming back then he bought a pink bucket hat with with strawberries on it, a ring set with Keroppi on it, and a ring set with Kuromi. I swear, this is kind of off topic but I love Michael and Vinny. I’m so glad I made friends with them. They give zero shits about being the “medias idea of masculinity” and it makes them sooooo cool! The fact that Michael can pull off a pink strawberry bucket hat and Vinny’s walking around with sparkly orange nails like it ain’t shit means the world to me. Out of all the kids in my school district, I just so happened to befriend the best of the best. I’m more grateful than anyone could imagine!

… But like I said, it wasn’t all fun and games. Most of it was good but two things were kinda iffy. One of them was minor and the other one… is also minor but it hurts a bit more. The lesser hurting one is good. Michael got some ice cream and Avery got a sandwich and I just had to watch them eat cause I’m a dumb bitch and didn’t bring enough money for food. Michael offered to buy me a snack but never got it for me so whatever. It’s the thought that counts I guess. And the other thing is kinda petty. It’s not even that bad, I just… idk. Avery bought her and Michael matching friendship necklaces and just kinda didn’t get me one. The two of them had matching necklaces that said bffs on it and shit and just left me out. They bought them right in front of me and even had me carry the bag they were in for them but I didn’t get one. I put the damn necklace on Michael too! I think they tried to hide it by having only Michael wear one but like I said, they had me carry the bag that Avery’s was in so I found out anyways. I don’t even care that much, they’re better friends with each other than they are with me and that’s fine. I’m just saying that it was kinda rude to do that right in front of me you know? But whatever, kids are stupid, they don’t think about others feelings all too much so it’s alright. You know what? Another thing happened too. I was telling Avery about that shitty neighbor kid and how he said I'm never going to find my cat and she agreed with him. I was literally telling her how rude it was that my neighbor kid was like "you know you're never gunna find your cat right? It's been a month, just stop looking" and she contunued to tell me that I wont find him! What a bitch! Nah, she's not a bitch... just not very thoughtful.

Speaking of feelings, you know what’s funny? My dad. When we were getting in the car to drop everyone off at home I sat in the back and planned on everyone sitting in the back so nobody had to be alone back there. Avery sat in the front though, against my plans. Now, that doesn’t matter, I don’t care, but it’s how my dad made it seem while describing it to my mom that makes me mad. He made it seem like I forced Avery to sit in the front so I could sit in the back with Michael. THERE ARE THREE SEATS IN THE BACK! That bitch was trying to start shit! My mom ended up “discreetly” kicking my dad in the leg and telling him to stop though so that makes it allllll better. I insisted that I didn’t like Michael and she asked me why I was getting so defensive. MAYBE BECAUSE I DON’T APPRECIATE BEING FALSELY ACCUSED OF LIKING MY FRIEND!?!? Funny right? Then they asked if Michel and Avery were dating and I again insisted no. Cause, you know, they aren’t. And my mom was like “I really don’t care if they’re dating or not, stop getting so mad.” I’m getting mad because I don’t want someone mistaking my friends for dating when they’re not! That’s super uncomfortable! How would they like it if I accused them of cheating on each other while the other was away? They have no way to prove me wrong but their own words. See how they like it. And you know what the funniest but is? They asked if me and Michael liked each other just cause we were sitting in the same row in the car, and they asked if Avery and Michael liked each other cause who knows why, but they didn’t ask if me and Avery liked each other! I was laying my head on her lap in the car and running my fingers through her hair while singing a song together! Tell me that’s not the least bit attractive!? But my parents didn’t question that. Don’t get me wrong, me and Avery don’t like each other (we just kinda experiment with each other in a nonverbal kinda way), but laying on their lap and playing with their hair is way more suspicious than sitting two seats apart in the car- I have a picture of me and Avery too. Cause she moved to the back after we dropped Michel off, we FaceTimed him and played with the filters while I was on her lap. I’m too gay for this. My heart’s melting!!!

I’m gunna go to bed soon but I’ve just gotta say, between the puppies and kittens at the mall, my two new snails (named Snellie and Gary after Squidward and SpongeBobs snails), and the three dudes in Sonic 2, I’m all cute’d out today. Knuckles is my spirit animal and damn tails passing out is so dramatic! God Sonic is bomb too. AND THEY’RE ALL SO CUTEEEEE!!!!! My brains gunna melttttrttr.I gotta go now though. Buh byeeee!

~ Gentleman