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I Hate Middle School
2022-05-06 23:13:00 (UTC)

My Ideal Partner (Cringe Warning)


Since I'm still in a good mood, I'm gunna do something that makes me happy. I'm gunna imagine what my perfect partner would be like. I might have a few ideas though so there might be a lot. Don’t judge me on this okay, I’m 13 and can dream up whatever the hell I want. I also might base a few (or most) of them off of my friends. This doesn’t mean I wanna date my friends, I just like some of their characteristics. You’re the one making it weird-

— — —

Nightcore in human form

I know this sounds weird, already a great start. But hear me out, the feeling Nightcore gives you~~~ wow. They’d probably be a girl, any hight, skin color, I don’t really mind. Maybe a darker skin tone... but once again it doesn't really matter. Their hair’s probably be brown or black with blue highlights on the bottom. Nightcore seems like a 2000’s thing to me so I’m my mind they’d dress in some sort of modern take on 2000’s emo. Maybe a mixture of that and alt. The cringey fashion from then, but with a ripped sweater or plaid skirt, change it up a bit. They’d 100% be the type of person to wear headphones as a fashion accessory. Everything would be blue too, black and blue, maybe some purple. We’d jump around and listen to Nightcore. They’d probably be outgoing like Quinn but a little more focused on me since we’d be partners. They’d also probably be a rule breaker, skip lunch to sit in the bathroom stall at the back of the school and listen to music type. They’d get me out of my comfort zone and I’d make sure they don’t accidentally kill themselves. Smexy~ Jkjk!

Kawii, Hello Kitty, decora kei

Pink. Just pink. Also probably a girl, maybe light skinned but I don’t think it really matters. They’d 100% love hello kitty, their favorite color would be pink or rainbow (because rainbow is totallllly a color) and they’d just be adorable. They’d dress decora kei but toned down a bit. Maybe they'd have a bit of pastel goth or cottage core in their outfits too. They’d probably listen to hyper pop and those sappy pop songs like Alec Benjamin that I don’t really like but whatever. Melanie Martinez too. Her hair would probably be like Averys or Quinns, golden blonde and frizzy, and she might have the tips or half her hair light pink. I think her presence, in general, would be like the feeling you get when you bite into a sweet piece of watermelon or feel the warm sun on your face.

Clad in plaid

I know, these names just keep getting better. This one I have almost fully fleshed out in my head. She'd be pale but not too pale and have freckles littering their nose and cheeks. She'd have long, straight, meduim to dark red hair. She'd wear lots of flannel and punk rock band shirts. Jeans are a must and same with converse. She'd listen to punk rock and wear a backward hat every once in a while. We could skateboard together or play guitar. She'd be a chill person. I always thought redheads were gorgeous so this seems perfect.

Literally just Holly from The Descent

Why is she so pretty!?