Evolving marriage
2022-05-07 21:31:46 (UTC)

Cant get enough

Dear Diary,
3:30pm on a Saturday afternoon, hes passed out taking a nap. We have been at it since last night, we had the edibles but nothing happened, not for me not trying, he was in and out of sleep after we went out for dinner and sat home having dessert on the couch, I had his pants undone and was laying in his lap and he was a goner. Ah well. I finally ended up passing out and we woke up at 2am to head to bed from the couch, and then it started, we fucked and used toys and then went to bed, heaven knows what time it was. I woke up around 8am, got something to drink and got back in bed, we snuggled there a bit and I put a podcast on to listen to, once he woke up and we chatted and listened to the show, he started to touch my nipples and I was eager to go. I have hardly been using much T cream as of late, Im on a low dose and have cut it in half once a day, but now that hes on it, I know it get some transference and I wonder about it being in his semen also, plus sexual activity boosts it also, so to be honest, I may not even need it at this point.

We have this fave position, he is on his side and Im on my back with my legs up up against his cock with my legs crossed over his, its intimate and he did this to me the first night we were ever together, and its a good memory for us both, its relaxing and he can go longer this way. I told him that nobody has ever F me in this position before, he said its his secret trademark :) We went at that for quite awhile and he rubbed my clit and nipple. I think nipple is my fave touch of them all, it turns me on the most and the fastest and enhances orgasms, etc

He f me for quite awhile like this and I asked him if he wanted to use one of his sleeves on me, we took a break after I was hurting for a few wks from that stuff, thought we over did it, too overzealous, but I think what did it was, shaving, and then using dildos right after, they dont glide and have the lubrication the same way as regular sex and pull on the skin if you arent careful, so I think thats what did it, so Im super careful now with the lubrication (coconut oil is my fave)

He brought out a big sleeve, Ive never seen, another surprise and of course gave it to me good, we used the hitachi and I came while he was on top of me.

Last night after much of what we did, switched to anal, Ive done anal several times but Im always on top and havent tried it any other way but it didnt feel just right last night, so I had him do it doggie and it was fantastic and then on my back the edge of the bed with my legs up, oh yes, it was wonderful, hitachi in hand and I orgasmed again.

I told him today I have never had this type of attn, Im not used to this. I said "Who is this man?" as we both laid there afterwards, I ran to get us a protein bar, we had our water and I sat there giggling, I laugh and giggle a lot these days with whats going on around here. He said he was going to take a nap and meanwhile Ive found some videos I want to show him when he wakes up. We will have to eat (lunch/dinner)

To keep going, I wonder how much a pussy can take!? I mean wow! I thought I was done after the last time.

Are there other couples like this? I mean that have both gone on hormone therapy and screwing like rabbits all the time? Only person I heard say this but not in graphic terms was Suzanne Sommers and her husband Al, she said they have sex several times a day (they are on hormone therapy, I read her books and found a dr from her references link)

We were laying in bed together discussing things like "Do you think any of our friends have kinky sex like this?" and he said No, and then we laugh because we bet nobody would think that we do.

2 mos ago I was afraid to even utter I wanted to be tied up....

He said he thinks hes more kinkier then me, and then I shared how I liked Japanese bus gang bangs, and hes all "OKay well maybe your more kinky" I like the shyness and noises Japanese girls make, it turns me on and how they are all shy and reserved, dont ask me why that gets me going but it does. ANd wow they have great nipple sucking videos, I can get off just watching those, all the slurping and sucking is amazing. US men take note of this!

I think Ill go prep our food so when he wakes up we can just eat and retreat back to bed, think we are done yet? I doubt it, we still havent tried the neck/wrist retraints set I got, I told him its been about 4 days since I had him in my mouth and I think hes trying to hold out on me, he laughed, its not that I didnt try!

Off to heat up our leftover Tikka Masala, Yummmm