Darc Tangent

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2022-05-07 09:14:43 (UTC)

Update (NS)

Just wanted all my followers to know that I have just submitted my story Between the Shadows to the E-Magazine Bare Back Magazine.
It doesn't pay much, but I am hoping to expand my reader base.
I will keep you posted. I should hear from them by 03/JUL/22.

Also, I have submitted my original Horror Story (Doors of Perception) to Archive of the Odd.
This is not an erotic piece, so won't appear here, but I am hoping it will kick-start my writing career.

I am also trying to find a market for my story Pride, and will keep you updated on how that is going.

Thank You all for your support. If it wasn't for this site notifying me when something was read, I would have not had the idea to try submititing these little pieces to an actual publisher.

Keep Reading. Keep Sharing. And remember to follow me to keep posted on new stories.