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I Hate Middle School
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2022-05-06 17:06:00 (UTC)

Goin’ to the mall


AAAAAA! I’m in such a good mood right now! I’m in the middle of planning a hang out with Avery and Michael! It’s been so long since I’ve talked to either of them and now we’re all gunna go to the skate station or the mall or something. I’ve never been to the mall with just my friends! My cousin Emma but not my friends. I was just thinking me and Michael were fading out of a friendship too. I mean, we still talked to each other but it was mostly because I just so happened to be hanging out with Avery or Olivia when he decided to talk to them.

And to think this is all due to volleyball. Seriously! Today was the student teachers last day teaching at our school so to celebrate we got to spend PRIDE in the gym. Vinny, Wyatt, Shannon, Zach, Anthony, and I were all interchangeably playing a game of volleyball when I saw Michael standing off to the side. He looked pretty awkward so I asked him to join the game. Whenever I served the ball to him he just kinda let it hit him on the arm but he wasn’t going away so I could tell he wasn’t wanting to leave. I kept serving it to him and he started trying more. Eventually the game fizzled out and we started talking about shopping or something. He told me about these new skates he wants to get with pink light up wheels and I mentioned how we needed to go skating again soon. To my surprise he wasn’t hesitant at all. He said that he and Avery were gunna hang out soon since they haven’t in a while and said that I should come. I agreed 100%! I told them to figure it out and I’ll be there since I’ve got nothing else to do this weekend. We talked for almost a half hour about shoes and shopping and parents and shoes till we had to go to lunch. Now him, Avery, and I are in a group chat planning on going to the mall tomorrow! AAAAAAAAA!

I need to finish my homework in order to go though. I’m totally failing DC & Design rn so I’ve gotta make up at least a few assignments. It shouldn’t be too hard though. You might be wondering what the hell I’m doing instead of the work… well, I’m writing in my diary. For some reason it’s just not the same, writing in your diary when you’re allowed to. Why write in your free time when you can write 3 hours past your bedtime or in a class you’re currently failing or in the bathrooms at school? You know?

Back to volleyball and stuff though, I guess I upset Vinny or something today. I’m not 100% sure what the hell’s going on but I’ll try to figure it out and explain it. So like I said, we were playing volleyball, when Vinny accidentally launched he ball right next to Zach’s face. I made a JOKE that Vinny was planning to murder Zach with a volleyball and that he mind controlled me to make me throw a volleyball at Zach last time too. After that we JOKINGLY put Vinny in timeout and wouldn’t pass the ball to him. Not in a mean way (I thought) but Vinny seemed pretty distressed about it. I was gunna say something but I figured he was just in one of his moods so I let him be. Zach Vinny and Wyatt were playing dodgeball too, or so I thought. It seemed all fun and games. After that though, he came up to me while I was talking to Michael. He looked completely bummed out and I felt pretty bad. He tried to explain to me that he wasn't trying to hit Zach with the volleyball and that it was an accident. I thought he was joking at first, I asked him if they were really mad at him. He said that Zach and Wyatt were really bad at him for trying to hit Zach. Turns out, they weren’t playing dodgeball either, they were pelting Vinny with dodgeballs. Great. I apologized to Vinny and told him I was only joking then went to explain it to Zach. I was still a little skeptical about the whole thing so I asked him if he was really mad at Vinny and he said yes, he was. I explained that I was joking and that Vinny would never try to hit him in the face with a Volleyball but Zach still seemed mad. He said that I wasn’t very trust worthy either and was probably just sticking up for Vinny cause he’s my friend. One, Zach’s my friend too, and two, wtf!? I know I joke about kicking people in the shin or I’ll draw with pen on your arm but I’m not a Violent person! I asked Zach what motive me and Vinny would have to try and hit him with a dodgeball but he just seemed mad so I left him alone. All throughout lunch Vinny looked super bummed and I couldn’t stand it. I thought about how to cheer him up and remembered this morning when he saw me with a sucker. He asked for one and I said no (not in a mean way, but also no, mine). I decided that the best thing to do was give him the sucker. Decision of the week right there! That’s the least stressed I’ve seen him in class in weeks! I know it was just something small but if it’ll cheer my friend up on a rough day, I’ll do anything.

Kind of off topic but I just finished Rick and Morty so far and The Good Place. I can’t wait for the next season of Rick and Morty to come out but The Good Place is over and I was sooooo sad. SPOILER ALERT!!! When Chidi forever passed on I literally cried. No joke, in my room, silent tears, crying. I don’t cry at funerals but I cried at Chili’s permanent non-existence. Jason cheered me up though. That dance was hella awesome! Also, frog guy. That is my aperitif animal. I’m so glad he finally got a real frog 🥲. He deserves it!!! But while I’m waiting for the next season of Rick and Morty to come out I started watching MoonNight (a few hours ago). Wyatt’s been bugging me to watch it for days on end and when my dad gave me the option to watch it I couldn’t refuse. My mom thinks the main character is annoying but I kinda like him. Marc is also “stabby stabby” just like Wyatt said. Bird dude is cool too. And the costume~ damn do I love modern technology. It looks so real and cool and I’m literally about to fangirl over some fake bird man. Tokoyami obviously- why else did you think? Jkjk, both Tokoyami and the bird guy are cool. I’m only on episode 2 so Wyatt might spoil the rest for me but whatever. I’d give anything to have something to talk about with my friends! I should probably go to bed now, it’s late. But I’ll write again soon! Take it sleazy! (That’s a reference to The Good Place if you didn’t know)

~ Gentleman