Evolving marriage
2022-05-06 22:32:02 (UTC)

Restraints & Wife Focus

Dear Diary,
One more hour till hubby is off for the wknd! We are heading out for dinner tonight to our fave place. We are also going to try Round 2 of the edibles we got. Husband also found out the culprit of the nausea, boner juice as he calls it. LOL He bought some drink thats to aide in erections or something and took it on our trip, he still thinks the food was bad (he was sick for close to 5 days, his stomach) what the hell is in that stuff, but he tried a small swig of it again yesterday and he was urpy and nauseated and said "Well now I can rule that out"

He tries so hard and puts so much pressure on himself, sometimes I wish he wouldnt focus so much on "performance" but I get it, but at the same time dont, if that makes sense. If things arent working or happening, no big deal, try again later, do something else and circle back later.

So we have been quite the online shoppers of all thinks kinky and packages arriving all the time, gotta love amazon and mail order, internet etc. He got another box from Love Honey, a lingerie piece, I dont think its totally sexy, but will see what he thinks, he did pick it out. I tried it on quickly but needed a pic on how to adjust all the straps to even put it on. He also got the Hitachi magic wand, we have never owned one, well now we do! And we already gave it a whirl.

So I had the bed straps pulled out, Ive had them for mos but nothing has happened in my realm of my kinky fantasies, so I told him the other night, if he wants more pegging, we have to alternate, my kink, his kink, my kink, his,..... you get the idea. So its not lopsided.

But I figured Id have to get the straps out myself or he wont, so I laid them out and had him come help to lift the mattress as they fit under and then strap. THey are all set, and it came with its own wrist and ankle harness/clip type pieces which are velcro (much better then a buckle set I have) Quicker and easier to do. So I gave the Hitachi a try and oh yeah. THere is this setting, reminds me of a car engine revving high and low and I like it! I could have gotten myself off but made myself wait, I asked him to come try out the straps on the bed tie up kit and hook me in, he did, and then got the Magic Wand, Yay! I can distract him from work now and then. So I was tied up basically and tortured with the wand and he also used the crop to spank me. Ummm Yes! I have never had a restraint type kit, have been tied up with a sheet or something a long time ago with my ex, but nothing super crazy, and that was in my early 20s, and I havent had it since. So time for that to change. Ive told him if he spends more time in play and driving me crazy, then Ill be good to go as far as orgasm as he says Orgasms for him a non issue and can happen quickly, Im more of the challenge. But we just got that Forial Intimacy Arousal Oil and Id say its working!

And ohmygosh my husband got this toy on Amazon, its a knock off, cheaper of a pricey one, its fascinating looking, kinda like a futuristic superhero dildo or something, not sure how to describe it, Ill have to get a link for it.
But wow! I had applied the oil last night and he was playing and got out that toy, And WOAH, that thing is amazing, it has type of a scale surface, you know like an armadillo looks or something on the surface and its girthy, and then the tip has these bumps and I was like "Wow, what are you doing? Are you using your fingers also?" lots of WOW and questions and so I was in heaven and amazement by it. It felt so good. Hes spent a little time on me last 2 days, focused on me, which has been nice, I dont always feel I get that level of focus or he stops sooner with the play then I would like, so hes spent more time on it.

We each shared porn we liked too, we were doing another quiz and sex questions, fun for night time convo in bed in the dark. And I asked him if he had a go to porn video from his earlier days, he did, it was Penny Flame and her and some guy having sex, it was actually pretty cool for a scripted porn video, they actually kiss and arent all porn actor like and exaggerated, he said he really liked the things she says, the girl being vocal so I wanted to see it. And he also shared with me about girl on girl gang bangs, I laughed as I have never seen any of that before. He showed me some Aurora Dawn I think it was called? With these girls gang banging one of the girls with tennis rackets with dildos on the ends, it was actually pretty comedic, a little dated and funny. I laughed a lot.

I showed him Royal Hippie and Lana Swallows channels on porn hub, both blow job gals, and he said "Hmmm are these your mentors? Inspiration?" I said Yes, and he gave me a high 5 and said what a nice selection I have and impressive.

He used that crazy dildo on me last night and I passed out, both of us, with our bedroom light on, didnt get up to clean up or nothing which is NOT the norm for us, I woke up at 2am and went to the bathroom, cleaned up things and turned out the light. God it was so good, every time I moved my body in bed all night and this am Id make noise just thinking about it, so of course he went after me again with another toy this am, woah, Im just now realizing, since last night, hes had 3 play sessions with me, making me orgasm with toys. Once again, thats not the usual norm around here, even since the more sex has picked up, I dont get that level of attn, Im typically the initiator and spearheading whats happens, he did say the other day "I need to catch up" level the playing field :)

So I went and got the thermography done, now just wait up to 5 days for the results by email. Also did the hyperbaric therapy and got the lay down chamber for the first time, that was nice, and I love how I feel when its done, I feel really good, my mood, and I was googling and it is said they have found it also works for anxiety and depression. And so there is that aspect along with dozens of health benefits. I figured Id get one more in before my trip as husband will use the others, we get 3 a month with our plan.

I got us Indian food again per his request to bring home, and I ran to Costco and TJ Max. Then back home. My goal is to leave sunday to go out of state, but not sure thats gonna happen, I really dont want to leave home right now, but I should go now before his surgery, so I just may not leave Sunday as planned, I can leave at anytime. And I have to pack quite a bit for 2 wks and all, to work on the property and bring stuff, I always bring food stuff and things since Im keto and to stay on track best I can, we arent perfect with it, but we are being good. We are both down 9 pds right now.

I mowed the lawns again this am, so it would be done before I leave, right now everything is growing like crazy with the nice temps, and mowing gets me on top of all the elm seeds that have fallen and make such a mess and sprout all over the place. So the lawn and everything looks really good, all the trees and plants, no roses just yet and the Sweet Peas are about to open with flowers. The Catalpa tree bloomed when I was gone last yr also and looks like Ill miss it again, its so pretty with all its flowers. Its just now leafing out.

So I expect tonight to be a sex filled eve, or sat for us knowing I may be leaving and Moms day, him off work, etc. Funny how thats so much of our time now! Before things changed I used to have to ask him to stay in bed and wear no clothing on the wknds and make him stay put until SOMETHING happened, so we would lay around most of the day until the magic happened, things were much slower, took more work or interest to finally happen and then it wasnt prolonged foreplay and sex when it did, now its the total opposite.

I keep wondering if my neighbor hears me in the bedroom, well if shes outside in the yard, as our bedroom faces her house, luckily the room right there is more like a formal living room in an old house so she doesnt appear to spend time in it, shes in other parts and I believe sleeps on the other side, but it would be funny with everything thats been going on if shes heard me. We are taking over greens for her chickens, she brings us eggs

Last night we sat syncing my new phone to the vehicle to use the audio whatever its called. We drove over to pick up the mail and I just said "I love our life right now, I love where we live, our new vehicle, our sex life" and he agreed. I know I keep saying this, but this just wasnt my life until recently, it looked almost the total opposite in many ways, and I didnt think it was going to improve.

Well gonna wrap this up as its close to dinner time, Im hungry!