Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-06 21:29:29 (UTC)

Rumours/Folding clothes

I rubbed cinnamon oil on my lips and had a terrible allergic reaction. My lips are swollen and fit modern beauty standards. I told everyone that I did botox in my lips and wow these idiots actually ate up my lies.

I don't want to wake up tomorrow because I need to arrange my clothes and put the winter clothes away and fold the rest of clothes into segments. I need to find my jersey and pants before volleyball practice starts on a full swing. I want to call penguin and ask him to come over and do this for me. I'll be like, "dude please fold my clothes, you don’t even have to talk to me or see my face."

My favourite part of meeting penguin the last time was watching him fold his hoodie. That's like super hot? Mostly because I don’t want to do my chores and watching someone do that with enthusiasm is just very pleasing to the eyes. Very cute. I love.

On a more serious topic, there's another rumour about me I've heard today. June texted me that Autu told him that someone else told her that apparently KMBM told him I had sex with a junior of mine and June was super angry. The chain went like-

Kmbm>some guy>another guy>autu>June>me.

I consider KMBM as one of my close friends and I know he'd never say anything about me like that. And I don’t even know what the junior guy looks like. I think in order to have sex with someone you at least need to know how they look like?? We’re not even connected on social media or anything. Idk how this kind of rumour even starts in the first place.

Interestingly I'm not tinsy bit bothered. Usually these kinds of texts give me an anxiety attack but today I was extremely calm.

I'm very pretty to look at, I'm pretty successful in my field, I'm moderately good at everything I do, I know all these. And I do not have a steady boyfriend (at least not visible on social media) and so yes there will be rumours about me. People will be jealous of me and I've accepted it. Let them be. As long as they're not hurting me, I do not care. It's fun seeing them torturing themselves.

I've known this since my freshman year that men are afraid of strong, extroverted and bold women who don't feed to their ego. So what? Nothing they do will ever break my spirit but it's tough seeing June hurt because of rumours. He can't accept someone close to him is being talked about like this. I guess I'll confront some people for his peace.