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2022-05-06 17:20:13 (UTC)

Better Late Than Ever

So my cycle came on just not to long ago and whole I'm at work. Ikr terrible. But better late now than ever because I'm going to Destin next weekend and I need for my cycle to be off by then do I can be able to go to the beach ect... And you can't do anything except drink ( which I don't mind anywaye).

Went to the pool haul last night. I had about 3 or 4 drinks in total. My boyfriend tagged along and he had a straight patron, and 2 straight casinos. 3. Straight ones.

I wasn't drunk but I was a little tipsy. I Men it was Cinco De Mayo for crying our loud. I hope I'll get to see my boyfriend again tonight because we're going to some place called Johnny Garage and of coarse never heard of that but we'll see. I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

And tomorrow, I'm going to a wedding reception. At least you can call it a wedding reception. It's gonna be held at a park is all. I already picked out my outfit and everything. Also bought things for my mother on Mother's Day because even though she doesn't want any gifts when I got her her nails done. I'm still gonna buy her some gifts from Amazon.

Anyways, that's my crazy weekend for this weekend. I'm also going to the Mother's Day show. Yes I know I'm not a mother. My cycles on. And besides it's a blues show.

Who doesn't want to go to a blue's show ?

- A