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I Hate Middle School
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2022-05-05 18:51:16 (UTC)

Selfish, Mean, And Technically Related To Me


I've got some good news, and some bad news. The good news is wayyyyyy better (and current) though so I'll tell you that first. Drum roll please! *insert drumrolllllllllllll* Jaylan and Grandma Vickey are moving into some apartments a few blocks away! It's not 100% gunna happen but the chances are high. We've been trying to get them to move closer to us for years and now it's finally happening! The apartments are smaller than their already small current apartment but this is better I promise. They live only 5 minutes away rather than 30-40 minutes away. Plus, it barely even matters how small the apartment is because now Jaylan can actually go out of the house. Their current neighborhood is definitely not the best place. Lots of homeless people, druggies, and criminals. I've seen multiple random street fights while just on the way there. This new place is soooo much safer! And the apartments are just down the street from the middle school, Hunnyhut (an icecream place), a park, the dollar store, and the movies! Now, instead of being locked up in his house trying to avoid being kidnapped Jaylan can go hang out with his friends at the movies and stuff. Like any other normal 13-year-old boy should do. He can get a bike or I can give him my old one and we could even hang out.

And speaking of 13-year-old boys, he's gunna be going to my middle school! It'll probably be hard for him to adjust and make new friends but at least I'll be there to help. I can introduce him to my friends and show him around the school and let him know all the unwritten rules that every school seems to have. At the beginning of the year, he might not have anyone to sit with at lunch so he can sit with me and my friends till he finds his own! We're all very friendly people and he'll fit right in. And if they decide to not be nice I'll kick their asses. I'm gunna make him feel as comfortable and welcome as possible! We're in the same grade too so maybe we'll even have some classes together. That'd be pretty cool right? He's a cool kid, he'll have no trouble fitting in! Plus, my school is full of gays and alt dressing people and trans people. Not that he's any of those things, I'm just saying that we're generally pretty accepting if you ignore the few kids who call me and a few other alt kids emo in the halls.

Now, for the bad news. None of this is new or affecting me a ton but I still feel the need to expain it all at least a bit. My dads side of the family is... fucked up. I guess I'll start with how my grandma Vickey got Jaylan then move on from there. I guess it all started when my grandma... cheated on my grandpa. She ended up divorcing my Grandpa and leaving their 8 kids (haha, it's actually 6. Just tells you how much I know about my family) for some abusive drunk named Leroy. Smart move, I know. They got married eventually but Leroy was consistantly leaving my grandma for months on end with no contact. She got away, then got back with him, then got away, then got back with him. She even lived with my parents for a while when they were old enough to have a house. Leroy cheated on her and stole her money and all this crazy shit happened. One day, he ended up coming home with a baby. That was Jaylan. According to my parents, Grandma only took him in because she thought it would make Leroy stay. As you could have guessed, it didnt. He cheated some more, got drunk a lot, then up and died. He got serosis or the liver and fucking died! Leaving my grandma with a little boy to take care of all on her own. My mom thinks she regrets taking Jaylan in (his bio mom's a druggie) and I really don't want to belive her but I think she's right. My grandma talks about wanting to go to a nursing home right in front of Jaylan. That would mean putting him up for adoption! Right in front of him! And the poor kid dosen't even look up from his phone at it. I love my grandma but fuck that. Fuck her! Jaylan deserve's so much better! I've made both of my parents promie that if anything happens to my grandma that they'll make sure Jaylan gets put in with a nice family. I might not be super close with Jaylan but he's still my family and I still care so much about him!

My dads entire family is fucked up though, not just my grandma. They dont talk to us at all, then my grandpa John died and gave my dad pretty muvh everything he had. Suddenly my dad and his brothers were going out to dinner like once a week. I don't even kow who's who or consider them my uncles and yet they're coming over and working on plumbing or some shit with my dad. I tried talking to them once but they literally ignored me. I've tried to be nice but I don't really like them. My aunts are better but not by much. My cousin Mason (previously Isabella) is trans and wants to get hormone therapy but my aunt is like- disowning him, because of it. She's a lesbian too! I just can't belive her... My other aunt's a druggie too. Got that way from getting with the wrong crowd in school. I'll learn from her mistake. She's in and out of the mental hospital, just like my grandma Vickey used to be. My other, other aunt... I don't know much about her. I don't even know who's who. There's Jason (my dad), John, Jackey, Julie, Jennifer... and my other uncle. I'll add in his name here --> Jeff <-- if I remember his name lol. I think Jackie is the oldest... then John, then Jeff, then Jennifer, then my dad, then Julie. I might be getting Jackie and Jennifer's names mixed up though and/or Jeff and Jennifer's age. It doesn't matter much though, it's not like I'm ever going to see them again. Maybe at a funeral or two, maybe a birthday party??? But I'll never really talk to them. I barely even want to associate with them. I mean, deep down I'll admit that I kind of want to, but not if they're selfish transphobic druggies. Then I'm better off without them.

Now, I'm just scratching the surface of our issues, there's a lot more, on both sides. I'd tell you more but I should probably go to sleep soon. But before I do I'd just like to clarify, it might seem like I only want to do stuff for Jaylan because of all this shit but I don't. I don't pity him for this, I just think he deserves better. Simple as that. I'm gunna sleep now though. I'll write again soon! Buh bye!

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