no name
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2022-05-05 19:52:43 (UTC)


Noticing, not alone on it, the higher pitch that a lot of gay men have.
just having the vocal range
tbh this is none of my business and i feel like im crossing religious boundaries lmaooo

Anyway, my point is, ...yeah no that was it.
all I know is that I'm not a gay man because I'm not a man, and I dont like dudes
i dont like girls either tho
i dont feel anything for anyone?
i cant say ive ever felt attraction, or had a crush, just intense something with some people sometimes
this one dude and some girl (assumptions assumptions), their hairstyles were just so pretty? idk
like i couldnt stop looking at her
or him
it was style too, i rly liked their outfits
but i never had any like fantasies or some weird crap like that
just a, omg look at them wtf, kind of feeling
no platonic yearning either lol
so im guessing thats just some aesthetic crush or whatever, maybe a phase
i couldnt, wont, imagine myself being sexual with any gender ever, no desire to see myself in that sort of situation at all
so for now im exempt from any labels

i surpass gender, am nothing, always will be

had a group assignment today, didnt do too fudging bad with my partner, couldve been worse

pretty sure i have a headache that will appear after i take off these headphones and stop staring at this screen

But yeah the vocal range intrigued me cuz i see rage talking to a viewer thats gay and its like oh wow bro's voice is really, idk how to describe it, curly. its very curly, like the sound waves curl. yeah.

lowkey find it funny, i legit just, wish whatever assignments or whatever, in stuff where i have to choose a thingy, i always go for male
cuz like, guess thats the body envy slipping in, or maybe i want to be perceived as more masculine because feminine doesnt suit this body either
but masculinity is not exuded by my personality, too timid, too quiet, too awkward, maybe scared. uncomfortable. well, outside my home, that is. at home im a little loud/noisy, (would you tell me if you knew) and playful, cuz you know thats family and judgement just does not come from them, they know me.

I';m not tryna be your man I'd just like to hold your nhand next time we hang out - 1:15 by somebody
i feel like this playlist introduced me to this genre formally:

its not that the curly voice irritates me its just so recognizable. you dont want to stereotype people but you notice similarities.