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2022-05-05 02:12:53 (UTC)


Well,today was eerily upsetting.I have been trying to break patterns in the way that I handle certain people and situations.It has been a challenge just trying to get him to admit to his past treatment of me.It was one of the most toxic relationships I ever had.From his cheating to lying I could never tell who he really was as a person.Today I learned not only who he is ,but what he is.I’ve realized that some people are not capable of seeing themselves in a negative light.There will always be an excuse or a reason why they do what they do,but will rarely self reflect on the damage they cause.His explanation is not what I wanted to hear but needed to hear.After all this time I realize I did make the right decision to walk away from him,not just for myself,but for the others that reside within me.Another chapter closed.

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