Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-03 20:58:34 (UTC)

A very happy Eid day

Honestly I wasn’t looking forward to having a good Eid day because my sister aint here, we are not going on a trip or sth, but then I did.

I went to my grand parents house. I went there after 2.5 years I think or more? Dadi started crying out of happiness when she saw me. The only thing she kept saying was why I grew up so fast, she can't believe that I'll graduate next year. She hugged me tight and I don’t remember the last time I felt loved like this in a non romantic way. Dada talked to both me and baba, he doesn’t recognise people that much anymore, but still I could feel the love. It was amazing.

Oh funny thing is, the grand parents I'm talking about, they are not my relatives bonded by blood. We don’t share any genes, just the last name that too coincidentally. But growing up in RUET, they are all I knew as my grandparents and I continued to treat them like my blood relatives. You don’t forget someone who basically gave you all the love one could possibly give someone unrelated by blood.

Coming back from there, Juka came by. She gave me jasmines. Like literally bought off the road because she knows I love flowers. How sweet is that? I'm being a little appreciative towards life today hehe.

After that I slept, I saw that I was beating up an old enemy to death, like she was almost dying. (Context: childhood friend tried to steal my then boyfriend in college, made me angry, that's how we became foes). See? These are the peaceful dreams I want to see. Oh afterwards penguin tried to calm me down lmaoooo. This part was sweet, I think I saw him in my dreams for 4 consecutive days. Bruh.

When I woke up, I was fucking surprised by the power of Instagram. Ya I have one, ya I barely use it. So before I went to sleep, I randomly tagged Pritom Hasan on my story with the caption "pritom hasan needs to stop being so hot". When I woke up, I saw that he posted my story as his story with the caption "🤷‍♂️". This was so random ahahahaha. I learned my lesson that I can't simp on celebrities on Instagram. They kind of acknowledge that lmaaooo. IT'S STILL ON HIS STORY OH MY GOD. My fangirl dream came true today ahahaha.