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I Hate Middle School
2022-05-02 20:42:15 (UTC)

Remembering The Old, Rushing The New


Today... was good. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't the best either but it was far from the worst. Sorry that I've been writing less often too, it kinda comes in waves of reading fanfiction, then writing fanfiction, then writing in my diary. Not always in that order but it's never really two or three together. I keep up on my diary anyways though. I push through the slight boredom to keep you and my future self updated on my current life, even if I don't always do the best job of it. But anyway, what made today good... Well for one Vinny is almost 100% back to normal and I couldn't be happier! Today he even stole my carrots, which may not seem like much to you but to me it means our (self-proclaimed by me) dynamic of annoying the shit out of each other is back in place. Yay! And after he stole my thing of carrots I stole one of his out of his cup. It was pushing it since the last time I stole something from him was weeks ago and he got PISSED because of it but he just laughed, gave me my cup of carrots back, then stole one of mine and called it even. I was also messing with his hair again today. Just kinda walking down the hall and flooring his hair. I'm making sure not to do it too much as to not annoy him but it's so fucking soft I cannot describe how much I love his hair. Like, it is literally softer than stuffed animals, and pillows, and any other soft object you can think of. I think it's mostly because of how airy it is. He's got a lot of hair but 99% of his lots of hair is curls making a lot of it air compared to straight-haired folk in turn making it fluffy and airy. You know, I never expected myself to be theorizing about my friend's hair but whatever I guess. I've never given a fuck what anyone thinks of me (as long as it's not me hurting them in some way) and I'm not starting now.

Another thing that happened today was Hailey's recorder concert. It was at my old, old, elementary school (I went to one for k-2, another for a special class called excel in 3-5, then the middle school I'm in now) and I got to walk around and see how everything changed. None of my old teachers seemed to recognize me though. But I wasn't a very memorable student so I don't really blame them. A few of them looked at me oddly but they didn't say anything so it was probably because of my outfit. I have a brown pixie cut with pink bangs and realistic gummy worm earrings. I was also wearing a rainbow crop top, bellbottom jeans with a studded belt, and a jean jacket with smiley faces bleached into it. Not to mention the rainbow shoes and stuffed animal bunny I was carrying around or a chain like a handbag. I'm not exactly exempt from double-takes. The lunch room was odd too. Looking at the old signs (that were still hung up everywhere even 5 years later) brought back hella memories. 100% of which were me sitting alone at lunch... fun. I also remembered trying to sit with Riley back in 2nd grade. I tried to talk to her since we were "friends" but she had more "popular" friends so she pretty much- no, entirely ignored me. She's not like that anymore but as a little kid, she wasn't exactly the best... Eventually, I remember just getting sick of it and moving to a table that no one was sitting at. In this huge lunchroom with these huge tables, I found one completely empty table except for two kids sitting on the other end. I ate lunch alone that day. It was sad but peaceful.

Enough with the depressing memories of my elementary school years though! Time for a good one. My first school had the same floor plan as my second school for context. I was walking with my family when all of a sudden I see this hallway and my brain gets flooded with great memories. I can see it now, almost like a flashback. Pumpkins lined up all along the wall, around 20 of them in total. They're from a contest we had in 4th or 5th grade. I remember walking down and voting on the pumpkins I liked best. I remember being so proud of mine, a Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer pumpkin. I remember winning a prize for it too. I didn't win first but I was still proud. I miss excel... I was an asshole to Vinny and math was a bitch but other than that I remember it being so much better. There's no use in wishing to go back now though so I might as well be happy where I am, you know? But one last memory first. It was mid-school year I think and recess. Avery, a few others, and I were all helping the art teacher hang stuff up. It might have been Olivia and Vinny, maybe Michael too, but I'm not sure. Either way, we were using staplers to staple stuff up. We were almost done when we hear some commotion and the teacher looking alarmedly at Avery. Turns out that the idiot had stapled her finger! After a little freaking out she got sent to the nurse and we were all sure we wouldn't see her for the rest of the day. However, to our surprise, she did come back. Fairly quickly too. But it wasn't just her, no, it was the staple too. They'd left the staple in her finger and just put a bandaid over it. Told her to just wait the rest of the day out and deal with it at home I guess. You can tell, that nurse was really good at her job (sarcastic). Great times.

If you're wondering how my sister's performance was btw, it was about as good as a recorder concert performed by 4th graders could be. There was a backtrack, music for them to read, and of course, there was one kid who was squeaky at all times. I enjoyed it though, as much as I kid, I love my sister. She was super excited too, she did a good job. Plus, I got to meet her crushessss~ The first one's name was Sabastion, or Bash as she calls him. He was... interesting. Tan skin, brown curly hair stacked on his head, and glasses. Pretty generic-looking, he was wiping his nose the entire time too... ick... But you do you, Hailey. Apparently, that's the kid who asked Hailey to be his girlfriend. She thought about it and decided not to but the kid's got some guts cause Hailey's totally the tomboy "don't fuck with me" type. We all know that one girl from elementary school who was like that, that's Hailey. He also told my mom that he was 10000 years old and was a cow in his past life on Hailey's birthday which is interesting. How this kid is only 3 years younger than me I will never know. The other kid she likes is Brendon. She likes him way more than Bash and he likes her too. They're just staying friends though cause 4th grade, duh. This kid is a bit paler than Bash but still tan and has a light brown buzz cut. He's got a triangular bald patch in the center front of his forehead where we're all 99% sure he can't grow any hair. The kid's got a crazy smile but I guess he's alright. Neither of them seemed especially... special, to me but maybe they're just super nice. I know how some kids are in those grades and if those kids are the best options, go ahead Hailey. You do you I guess.

Fun fact, Bash asked Hailey to be his girlfriend the same day Olivia told me she liked me. Cool...? Side note, Olivia goes by Koda now I guess. Vinny picked it out and I have to say, I like it. It's like a dog's name but in the best way possible. Like how you'd use kitty or bunny as a pet name for your SO. I do wonder how she's gunna do this though. They haven't told anybody but Vinny and I about their name and pronouns plus she just figured out she was genderfluid like a week ago. Take things as fast as you want I guess, no judgment here, but maybe they should have thought it out more beforehand??? It can't be just me and Vinny calling her Koda while keeping it a secret that they're genderfluid and go by Koda now, you know? I'll have to talk to her about it tomorrow T^T. I'm gunna feel like such an asshole but whatever. I have every right to clear things up with them. I just hope she understands I don't mean it in a mean way. I should probably go to sleep now but I'll update you tomorrow or the next day depending on how things go and feel. See ya then! Buh bye!

~ Gentleman