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I Hate Middle School
2022-04-30 21:53:00 (UTC)

Fan Expo


So much has happened since my last entry! I’m so excited!… and a little in pain but we’ll get to that later. First of all, the fan expo is tomorrow morning. I have to wake up bright and early tomorrow and get into costume and makeup all before 8:00AM which is when Riley’s dad picks me up. Then I have to chill just me and Riley’s dad, for 15-20 minutes to pick up Riley. It’ll probably be a bit awkward but oh well. It’s LATE so I should probably go to sleep but I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

AAAAAAAAAAA!!! It’s tomorrow!!! Rn I’m in the car with Riley’s dad going to pick her up and I’m so excited! It’s not awkward at all either, I like Riley’s dad, he’s cool. We talked about cosplay and Riley and the crazy thunder this morning. Plus he has the same taste in music as me so the silence isn’t bad either. I’ve got $50 to spend and all day to spend it. I wonder what I’ll buy… I need a new phone case. A funky pop of Kirishima would be cool too. Or Donald Duck or anyone else really. Other figurines are nice as well. They also have limited edition Batman comics but I don’t really read Batman and they’ll probably be expensive. Oh well, doesn’t make me any less excited!

Not to brag but my costume looks AWESOME too. Every single piece started out meh but ended up amazing too! It’s so much better than I could’ve ever hoped! I’ve got my boots with two foam strips over them to match Kiri’s. He usually has three but the super small details don’t matter too much. I have my cargo shorts on and a cape with a belt. I’m super happy cause I made the rips in the skirt and pinned the belt on myself.


Ough! It’s after the convention now and god fucking damnit!!! Today was so close to being the best day of my entire life but I hav to do and fucking ruin it! I’m failing a class and my mom brought it up then I got mad then she got mad then she got my dad mad and now I’m in my room on and off crying for 20 minutes straight. Long story short I’m grounded off my phone and chrome book for a week. Not a bad punishment, I know, but that doesn’t mean it’s no punishment at all. Plus they forgot I had an IPad somehow so imma just watch shit and write in my diary on here lol. My parents and the school can kiss my ass, fuck DC and Design (that’s the name of the class). Idk what to do about the rest of this entry though. I only have some of it filled out and I’m not in the mood to be super excited about my cosplay and what I got there. This sucks.

I’m back months later because I just realized I never finished this. It was really cool! There were so many people and Rilwy and I had multiple people ask for photos with us. People kept yelling Kirishima at me though and my brain just froze. I saw Kylee there too! She was dressed up as some anime character I’ve never seen before. It looked good though. There was this Doc Oc costume there which was amazing. This guy looked just like him and he was walking on stilts and had these arms coming out of his back and some guy walking around supporting them lol.

There were lots of art there too and I absolutely LOVED it all. Bright colors and accurate detail. I almost naught one of them but I decided to get something else last second. I bought a few other things though. I got this bunny purse, realistic gummy worm earrings, a small handmade sketchbook and a record with Kirishima spray painted on it. I have it hanging up in my room! I also made some cool anime drawings in my mini sketch book. They’re not the best but I’ve been told they’re definitely not the worst either. I’ll have to post a photo sometime.

I almost got some custom Lego’s too. I was tempted but ended up not. That was probably one of the best days ever!!! I was more happy then you’ll ever know. I really need to get into cosplay more!