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2022-05-01 20:25:49 (UTC)

feel despair

Woe is me.
I can't enjoy these things properly.
One by one?
I'd pay the price.
I will enjoy these things.
Because while my future self gets to enjoy being away from this demon jit stage,
I will remain.
Unable to escape.
So I'll return to my lair.
As long as it feels good, it doesn't matter how (i know how that sounds but i just mean staying in bed because sometimes the guilt of not doing anything just increases unreasonably) bad it seems to waste so many hours.
Something to relieve the negative energy that comes from within myself.
Akin to a cold glass of water on a hot day, sipped slowly.
I've an entire pitcher.
So much to do.
I'm quite sorry for the delay on completing my work but at the moment, I'm trying to indulge in escapism. Goodbye.