Slowly descending into madness
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2022-05-01 13:32:16 (UTC)

Room 203 (Horror genre)

I went to the movies with my friends. We watched room 203, we were 10 in numbers and we made the horror movie a wholeass comedy movie. Laughed a lot, I enjoyed my time there. Dude and dudette sitting in the front looked back at us and told us to keep it down because we were laughing so hard.

I'd rate the movie 5/10. I'm not a fan of horror genre, definitely not a fan of badly made horror. Director took a lot of time to build up suspense and unfortunately that was the better part. The ending sucked. Too much plot holes. The only thing I like about movie was the hint of Irish mythology. I'm a sucker for mythology. They brought up morrigu - the goddess of war and revenge, sorta liked that part. Other than that, it was full of bullshit.

The real horror story started when I came back home. I told my parents I was going to Bashundhara city, ofc I didn’t go to Bashundhara city. I took a CNG and went to SKS center which is like 40 mins away from my location. I came back, they were sulking I didn’t bring burgers from Baba rafi and BABA RAFI IS IN BASHUNDHARA CITY NEXT TO THE MOVIE COMPLEX. IF I DIDN’T GO TO BASHUNDHARA IN THE FIRST PLACE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET BURGERS FOR THEM???

Coming back home I wanted to get an Uber moto to increase my chance of road accident /death. My friends didn’t let me, big F. I'll get that experience another day.