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I Hate Middle School
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2022-04-29 09:14:00 (UTC)

No More Backpacks TUT


Things have been going well lately. Or at least better than before. Did you know that AO3 is unblocked on chromebooks? I guess I was so sure it was blocked that I didn't even check TUT. I'm not really in the reading mood lately but I usually cycle through wanting to read and not wanting to read so I'm glad I figured it out. It kinda sucks that I've wasted hours copying and pasting fanfics onto my alt account though... I have hundreds of chapters on there and it was all avoidable. Whatever, better late than never. Even though I'm not really in the mood for reading lately I still found a few fics to read when I don't feel like doing school work. Just a few MHA stories to get me into the Kirishima mood lol. God, what have I become? Cosplay, fanfiction, anime... I don't even watch any other anime, just this one. Whatever, I'd rather be myself and "cringe" than someone else and unhappy. Speaking of being myself you know how I got a haircut yesterday? Well Vinny said it looked weird! I don't know what's with him and not liking my hair but whatever. I was waiting for him to come out of his classroom and when he finally did the first thing he said was that my hair looked weird. I'm like "wow thanks, I really needed that." Okay but really, I said "no, my hair looks awesome!" I asked him what's up with him and not liking people's hair and he didn't believe me. I told him that every time I get a haircut he says something bad about it and also how he didn't like Jaliyah's haircut either. All my evidence got to him and he apologized and said that my hair didn't look bad, just different. I told him that different is usually a negative word in this context and he took back what he said. I told him that my hair is great and cool and beautiful and better than his. Obviously, we're joking but that doesn't mean he can't learn from his mistakes. My hair is great U^U!

Something kind of weird that's going on is the fact that we're no longer allowed to carry bookbags around the school. We can bring them to school but we can't take them from class to class. I have no clue why but needless to say people were pissed. They said we could bring anything except a bookbag so in protest kids brought a bunch of weird shit. There are kids with strollers and wheelbarrows and home depot buckets, pet bags, computer boxes, and more. It's hilarious! I have no clue how they're getting those things up three flights of stairs but comedy is a comedy I guess. I didn't know we weren't allowed to have bookbags until today so I don't have anything funny to carry my stuff in but my plan is to buy a stuffed animal bookbag and just cut the straps off. Or I could make my own, it can't be that hard. I'll carry it around by the part you hang it up with. If they want to keep us from having bookbags be our guests, we'll just improvise. I've always wanted a stuffed animal backpack anyway. I just won't sew the straps on till we're allowed to (quick note, we're never gunna be allowed to). God, I love the kids in my school. In the meantime, thought I just have to carry my stuff around. I have a wallet chain that I chain my pencil case to but other than that I'm fucked.

It's after school now and today was pretty good. Other than not having a backpack of course. Today at lunch I got to do Vinny’s hair which was nice. In a weird way I was always sorta scared to touch his hair since I know that some people don’t like that (and since he has fluffy hair he probably gets it a lot) but damn, since that day of the concert when I floofed his hair, I’m hooked lol. We were chillin’ at lunch when Vinny put his head down on the table again. Im not really sure why he does it but it can’t be a happy thing so I floofed his hair again. After a while he picked his head back up and said he had an idea. He asked some girl a few seats down for a hair band and then asked Olivia to put his hair up. He asked them to put it straight up but she kept doing it on the back of his head. Eventually I got sick of watching her pathetic attempts at doing his hair (that’s obviously a joke) and took it into my own hands. I walked around the table, grabbed the hair tie, and scooped up the front bit of his hair into a straight up ponytail. It would’ve looked good if he didn’t look like Count Olaf (from A Series Of Unfortunate Events) with curly hair and an odd hat. Damn was his hair soft though. We actually ended up talking in the lunch line again. We talked about stuff, played that handshake game again, and did this thing we do where we tap each other on the head. I’m not really sure how it started (probably just from me tapping him on the head) but we do this thing where we see who can get the last tap in. Nobody ever wins but it’s always fun. We’ll do it while passing in the hallways or even just mid conversation. It gets competitive too, we block each other’s hands while trying to tap their head at the same time. It’s a really great thing we have and it just reminds me that not everything is wrong. That even if life kicks our asses and our friendship goes odd, no matter what we still have each other to keep us all sane.

That’s the good thing about our friend group. Everyone’s so different and yet all the same. We’re all one group yet everyone has something new to add. Vinny cracks jokes, Kiarras the funky straight one, Olivia’s the emotional one, Riley’s the actually funny one, and I’m the… well I’m me… I’m not quite sure what my role is but it has to be something important right? I like to keep things non-awkward if that counts for anything. I’m usually let in on whatever’s causing tension throughout the group so I help with that. I’m also pretty real when it comes to acknowledging that we all joke to hide our horrible anxiety. Thats always fun, never a buzzkill. But other than that I don’t know if I do much. I just kinda take on whatever role we need. Mood setter, joke maker, improvised therapist, the only person to laugh at Vinny’s jokes, someone who makes sure everyone feels heard, and tons more stuff. I might not have a set role but I’d like to think I’m important. I hope… lol

Sorry to cut it off short but I gotta go now. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman