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2022-04-30 14:34:50 (UTC)

question; unanswered

But I can’t stop feeling that same way every time I smile.
Too many emotions to name. Shame stands out.
Even if my face really did have nothing to do with me, my behavior alone (oh and of course my voice) would be enough to make me feel the same.
I feel worse watching content of people like that, in comparison to watching Rage or Bruce, because they’re people you would admire, literally, not just in that role model way. They’re celebrities. But Rage and them are influencers and it actually feels like I live on the same planet as them, sometimes making comments just as bad. I wonder why I cannot simply coexist with myself. Why does this body and the way it looks in action have to be considered an embarrassment instinctively ?

I know I look normal so why do I instinctively feel ashamed, even by myself? Smiling. Laughing. Crying. Suppose the main focus is expressions. Oh wait also my voice but that's something that changes with age. ^ I feel like I look bad doing it but I know it's normal anyway so why..? It's better than having the poker face I used to be known for Ig.
hey man i have the expressions feature added onto my new body so we coolin

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