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Notes from my Black
2022-04-30 05:29:23 (UTC)

What to say?

My friend has a shit situation. I mean really. No specifics here… but she’s not enjoying the position she is in. She’s not been asked, in fact her opinion likely means little to the people who are making the decision. She will have to live with said decision… cause really there is no choice. Yeah, she has her own life, but this decision forces change and she didn’t ask for it, plan for it and isn’t being supported as a result of it.

So, what was my advice? I’m drawing a damn blank, and that’s not like me! If you asked her, she’d tell you. She’d name 30 times I stuck myself into her business trying to help which was probably only tolerated cause she’s kind enough to not tell me to go fuck a telephone pole. I say 30 because she’d lie… it probably more like 100. Just sayin’ I’m a fierce defender of my friends and she’s a good egg.

I wish I had some kind of sage advice. All I can do is say I got your back. Dumb fuckity people will…