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2022-04-29 01:42:46 (UTC)

why are they different

I'm about to go back to the basics when it comes to using words.
I don't feel like I've ever actually searched up the definitions of words like 'handsome' or 'beautiful' or 'pretty.'
People have always grouped them together and used them interchangeably but their word by word definitions really differentiate them.

Pretty is not as much as/not as deep as beautiful, by definition.
And handsome, while I've always thought it to simply mean good-looking in a masculine way, has been defined as /a man/ (specifically) being good looking, not in any sort of way. So that has me thinking, like if a cis man looked what I'd think of as beautiful in that not entirely masculine but not exactly feminine (i honestly just do not care anumore), a mf is still going to say handsome? Idk.

Like. I would think, this person is more cute/pretty than handsome.