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2022-04-28 23:25:24 (UTC)

thats all

I guess they have a point.
first of all, if there is hate towards female idols for their choice of clothing but not male idols when it comes to the same crap, thats sexist?? Like. hello?
second, the fact that there aren't complaints about sexy crap being in mv's and dance moves for male idols but it being there for female idols is the same problem. but given the fact that these are adults who are able to choose what they want to do with their own bodies, there's nothing wrong with their choices. The only problem is the way that other perceive that stuff.

If you appreciate their performances and without dealing any random unnecessary hate, then thats that. If you have to close your eyes when they do that pull certain jaw dropping moves(me lol), but dont hate on a mug for no reason (ITS THE FUDGING CHOREO), thats that.

I just hope none of them are being forced to do anything since I've vaguely heard about some of the harsh stuff going on in the kpop industry/signed companies and stuff. yeah

It's like my brain is automatically put on 'eyes up here' mode and I legit am incapable of looking anywhere else if I don't put conscious effort into it when tf did i do this its like i have some fear of ever feeling anything sexually
AH WAIT NVM ITS CALLED BASIC RESPECT (tbh i do fear it since that means recognizing some organs in the future and i still havent come to terms with my desire for self destruction) like i have a fear of naked ppl cuz its like why are you naked, please put some clothes on, scary. its like second hand nakedness. i feel naked because you are naked, type thing. So yeah, these old MV's are putting me in precarious situations. Like do I just be okay with the human body or freak out bc why are these people half naked. but this is today's society so i might as well get my brain to just normalize that crap T-T

, cant tell if im jealous or ..