no name
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2022-04-28 14:09:00 (UTC)


It’s really funny isn’t it?
I can see why.
Why do you have to be like me?
And I know that means that everything I think and do really is as pointless as I’d thought it to be.
Till it’s over.
This is only the situation until 25.
So none of it matters.
Everything sorts itself out then.
I really have been taking myself too seriously.
Just affected by hormones and age.
Swayed by the body I don’t want.
I’ve always been as wrong as I’d thought I was.
The only thing you can really do is be a kid, since it’s all you are.
I overestimated myself.
Just do your homework.

There’s really no point in documenting these stupid, fickle thoughts, now that I think about it.
I’ll go ahead and put away the journal. I’ll keep the note thing on my phone for random stuff I wanna say. This’ll be for things I’d want public.

One more thing
I can’t open my mouth?
Can’t think of myself when doing it?
I felt mute.
But the weight of what I was saying,
At least I know It was worthless.

And there is no such thing as off days. I want to rip out my hair everyday knowing what I look like but it doesn’t matter.
Nothing does.
Have nice days.