Evolving marriage
2022-04-28 16:56:04 (UTC)

What happens in Vegas

Dear Diary,
I have been wanting to come and write here but just have been too busy to do so or too tired when I do have a free moment.

Im sitting at the car dealership. We are getting clear bra put on the hood of the new vehicle, a special coating, so that can take about 4 hrs, plus we live out of town, and then Im set up for window tint to be done later on, so it will be a long day. No car hanging at the dealership. But I brought my laptop, I have books on here to read, phone calls I can make, write here, surf the net, watch shows, etc.

They do have a shuttle and said they can take me anywhere, movies, to eat, etc. I just went and told the guy who sold us the car I was here and he said he will take me to lunch, Ooo! So he will come find me on his lunch break.

So lets see how much I can type out before he comes to find me. So this entry might end abruptly. I have plenty to say

So we went to Las Vegas, we had our own versions and expectations of what we would do, but you all know how that goes and you cant be too locked into anything as things change and what do they say, Expectations are Disappointments in the making? Or something like that.

We stopped and had lunch halfway there instead of eating in Vegas, its crazy, dirty, lots of homeless and traffic in Las Vegas, and so we opted to gas up and eat out of that area and keep it low key.

The new vehicle seats recline back far and I got about an hour or so nap on the way in. We checked in, the hotel was nice, husband got valet, we never do that but with the new car he wanted it kept an eye on. So the hotel was a young party crowd, had events going on and it was noisy, like music and bass you could hear in your room. I wasnt thrilled but husband said it was a wknd event that ended at 6pm plus we had to head out right away for our massage appt.

He got an Uber so we could just relax and not worry about finding our way and parking and all that. We had the most unfriendly uber drivers in Vegas, not chatty or friendly, always like the kind who chat at you or at least smile and say Hello. Oh well.

The couples massage was great! And they we got the room for an hour, the Steam bath was super nice, never been in one of those, but we could only last so long in there, the Infrared sauna wasnt as warm yet so we sat in the Jacuzzi Tub, that was nice and thats what we need when we do a new bathroom upstairs in our place, something we can both fit in. Thats about as romantic as it got was in the tub, we had our own private room for an hour, and I crawled over and got on top of him and the jets were going and noisy so muffled any noise. Husband got overheated at some point, I think he stayed in the steam bath for too long, meanwhile I was feeling great, back and forth to the sauna and steam bath with cold rainshower rinses, he sat on the daybed, he was feeling a little out of it. Thats normally something I deal with, over heating but today it was the opposite. We finished up and got picked up and headed back to the hotel, I changed and fixed up my hair and all and we headed out for a nice dinner. We saw a Mexican restaurant and decided there, Oh! And prior to that husband went and picked up an order of edibles. I have never had them and I just wanted to have some drinks and was reading alcohol and edibles dont mix well and Im a lightweight and didnt want to get messed up, so we opted to just go out for drinks.

Well the Mexican restaurant, was a let down, the ceviche tasted wierd, the drinks were weak, didnt even get a buzz from my Margarita and I havent drank anything in sometime. Tacos were okay, but it was pricey and meh. Oh prior to getting seated we had to get on the wait list so that was 30 min so we went back to our room as I had to drop my purse off. So we had a little time to kill. We wore our nice clothing and I had my dress we got when in Hawaii yrs ago, a black dress, and red heels, husband took me over to the bed and laid me back. I went out without any underwear and he knew, and he went down on me. Ahhhhh :) So nice and then he fucked me and stopped, just enough to tease me as we had to head back out, I was all dizzy feeling and couldnt stand up straight at first, was a wonderful feeling. So of course we were flirty all the way back down the elevator and to the place. Sat close and held hands and laughed. After dinner we headed back, we waited a bit and since the drinks were weak, opted to try the edible, had him cut me a tiny piece, about the advised amount, husband took 3 times that! I didnt notice a damn thing from it. We ended up having sex but he finished quicker and I was sorta bummed, no buzz from my drink, nothing from the edibles and missed out on the orgasm part and then husband started to feel urpy, he said he thought it was the ceviche and well, next thing you know hes vomiting! ha ,romantic eh? Meanwhile I got in my head and anxiety, worried hed pass out and I felt like I was the girl at the party and everyone had fun but me and I got to just watch, so we talked about that, I ended up trying a regular amount of the edible advised (it was chocolate) and laid down and just asked husband to hold and talk to me, I was able to calm myself and we went to bed.

I woke up in the am and felt awful though, told him and we got up and got ready to go eat, opted for the more fancy cafe as the menu looked great. I had a yummy omelett, strawberry mimosas, it was perfect and yummy. I had 2 drinks and finally a buzz, we wandered over to the shop in the casino and there were donuts, so I decided to get one, so off the keto plan but we knew we were blowing it for the wknd then going back on. So I got a Sour cream donut, omgosh, we got back to our room, I was buzzed, happy and laid in our bed eating my donut and it was so pleasurable! I was giddy, husband was laughing saying how cute I am. I said "This is my living it up, 2 mimosas and a donut, thats how I get my fix" and to just stick with what I know. He was still off and on with the vomiting and suspected food poisoning, but he wasnt having any other symptoms. I also googled edibles and since he took 3 times the amount after a drink and hes not used the stuff on a long long time, that can make you nauseated and vomit also, so who knows.

We stayed at the hotel, in our room and we fooled around and had a good time. I had the dildo for pegging, the new one we got and I got an idea, I said, how about I warm you up and insert it and then you sit on the bed and I give you a blow job. He was game. :) I was sore still from much of our weekly activities so I wanted to take the lead and let him enjoy. Plus he had a hard time laying down, seemed if he sat up or was standing he didnt get sick, but he couldnt lay down.

Well that was a hot experience, and I wanted to give him some wild and crazy vegas memories. THe beds had these footboards only on one corner so he sat there leaning against it and I was angled across the bed, on my stomach right in his lap. He was swollen, Ive learned, there is rock hard, soft, semi hard and puffy swollen hard. He was puffy and a mouthful then and turned on, before he did sit down I had him on all fours, lubed him, rubbed him, used the flogger a little on him playfully and then inserted the dildo, the pegging one we got is so smooth and works great and he took it no problem.

I sucked and sucked and then had him lift up his ass and reached under and put pressure on the dildo inside of him intermittently to give little thrusts, that did it! He got so riled up by that and enjoyed it and came.

Hes super sensitive when he cums where he cant handle any touch so I know to just be still, keep my mouth in place but not suck or move, just give him a min to finish, then swallow, then lick him and clean him up, but I also know with prostate orgasms its easier to orgasm again, so I wanted to try, hes typically a 1 and done guy and exhausted, but I didnt leave it alone and then reached back under his ass and pressed on the dildo, and he got crazy again and laughed, I know in disbelief he was getting hard again and I was able to bring him to a second orgasm, Woohoo! Goal accomplished! Love seeing him moan and get crazy pleasure. We have never been like this, I have never been like this until now. He said to me "how could I ever find anyone else or cheat when you do this stuff?" (we had a chat about such things prior) he asks me "Where did you learn this stuff, your head game is on point" and to be honest, when I first started I read and watched a few vids, but now at this point its all me, figuring out what causes him to respond, trying different things out and being creative. Like when he is semi hard I can hold him differently in my mouth and create a pulsating suction (which he complimented me on that especially "I dont know what the heck you were doing but it was pulsating" and gave me a massive compliment. :)

He had tried to get me to squirt and I know he wasnt feeling good and exhausted and it takes some work and time and thats where I took over and we ended up where were were, I told him it was fine. We showered off and went back out for dinner both pretty exhausted by this point, I had steak, he had fish and chips, I opted for no drinks, since we have been eating so clean and I went off I could feel it in my body and didnt really care to do much more. We played slots for a little bit and that was fun and someone was smoking near me, we had leftover fries and I took them back to the room, husband took a benadryl to sleep as he didnt sleep well the other nights being sick, and we didnt get a good nights sleep (noisy hotel, and the room fan was too quiet and only allowed you to adjust to 65 degrees) tried to make it cooler as it felt warm in there plus the fan didnt blow much air. He passed out, I sat up a bit and crashed but woke up in the night with a wheezing cough! NOOOO! I thought I was getting better, it sounded awful. My back hurt, pain in my mid chest (my diaphragm from coughing) and ugh felt like death that next morning.

We drove around Vegas, went to a store to get him some Pepto for the nausea, OH and we did go to dinner with a long time friend of his the second night, had Asian BBQ, something new I never had, he was still sick and had to excuse himself twice over dinner and pull over in the car on the way back to the hotel. Poor guy, he was such a trooper and kept going though.

We drove around to some sex shops, to see what we could find, first one was kinda seedy and interesting, lots of transients and homeless and filth around them. Hustler the sales dude kept following us, which made it awkward and not too fun, last shop was cool, more of a boutique, sex toys and dildos galore, it was all a blur to me, we have quite the collection of our own things now, i just wanted to see about cbd type lube and lingerie, but we didnt find anything we liked and headed back to the hotel. I ended up coming back to our room and order a leather bondage and chain lingerie type piece on amazon nothing along with some gorgeous black striped pantyhouse and a riding crop for spanking, everything was so cheap compared to the shop prices. And I ordered some cbd pleasure oil from Foria (will arrive soon at home) wanting to try that stuff.

Our room was full of sex toys laid out and lube and floggers and stockings, was pretty funny, not the norm for us but I said "I think this is probably what a lot of vegas rooms look like" :) We are in Vegas right?

The shower was nice and large walk in and used a lot between things and cleaning one another up.

We packed bags that last night as we had to wake up at 5am and hit the road by 6am to get back to the city, we had a surgery consult for husband. Oh my goodness, I felt my worst that last am, the wheezing cough, my back hurt, I felt achy, tired, the coughing making me feel exhausted. I took a mucinex and ibuprofen and cough drops, and felt better once we hit town for his dr appt.

THat went great, hes set for surgery in a month! Dr was great and they will use his own tendon or something from the knee to do the repair, not cadevar as the failure rate for that is high. We left there and headed to a juice place and got Acai bowls, we were doing healthy now. We went and did the hyperbaric therapy and both loved it and we both fell asleep, signed up for a diff plan, we get 3 a month and can share between us both. And its where his surgery will be and they said if he can get in day before surgery and come after it will really speed his healing, so we will see if we can pull all that off.

Headed to Costco, got gas, some dry food items, then headed to the IV therapy place, we both did the Meyers cocktail IV and massage chairs. Headed to Health food store, grabbed a few items and headed out, I started to feel blah again and we stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home. By the time I got home, I felt like collapse, if was after 5pm. I felt awful, I made bone broth and ran a bath with epsom salt in it, And just wanted to feel better, felt like a migraine was coming on. I just wanted a bath, bone broth and my bed! And that is what I did. Husband was in better spirits and emptied the car, put stuff away, took out the trash, etc and I was a zombie and told him I felt like I was gonna have a meltdown, I got emotional in the tub and told him a few things we needed to lay off doing as Im sore and dont care for a few things (we tried) we are learning to communicate better, nothing needs to be the end of the world or awful, we just have to talk and be honest and clear with one another and check in with one another.

Mine was in regards to spanking/play, I love it and want it, but solely on my rear end. He tried some with the nipples and I didnt care for it, gave it a go, but wanted to be clear no more of that. ANd I told him the G spot attempt was a little rough and to lay off, just straight sex is fine, but no other stuff, I want to feel normal again, not sore.

I crashed out, he came into bed shortly after and put on Esther Perels book and he passed out right away, it was almost dark, I passed up, woke up around midnight and went to wash my face, brush my teeth, close curtains and turn off some lights and got back in bed, we slept all night long in our comfy new bed and wow that felt so good and was so needed. I got in the tub again that next morning and soaked and took more ibuprofen and mucinex and started to feel normal again. Wow! I was felt ten times better the rest of the day yesterday, Had my Eye exam around noon and ran over for that. Got new glasses for reading with blue block lenses on them, how cool! THose are ordered.

Okay can I just say something, the sale rep is like a guy probably around 30, hispanic or something with tats all over his arms, hes taking me to lunch. HA this will be interesting. I wonder if he just means we will pick it up and bring it back or eat there? They have guys to shuttle me around but he said he will take me.

Okay back to our wknd aftermath

I got laundry done, made veggie sausage soup with yummy bone broth, nice healthy meal for us to get back on track with. Oh and my weight all came right back! Back to where I started, my face was swollen and my eyes above them just from that wknd of eating off our norm. Today Im down 4 pds and the swelling around the eyes and my fingers has gone down. See it matters when you drink, eat carbs and sugar. And really its not worth it in the big scheme of things. Id rather feel and look good!

My husband apologized on the way home saying sorry my thrilling build up didnt have a great end with me getting off in Vegas, I said it was okay, I was fine, it happens. So yesterday my package arrived with the leather strap body pieces, I wasnt sure if they would fit, but they did and I modeled it for husband as he was just finishing up work online, he came in, highly approved and was glued to me and we were kissing, he then told me to bend over the bed, he pulled down my underwear and fucked me from behind and oh my god it was HOT. THis is what I have been wanting, this type of thing and didnt know if he would ever be able to satisfy my longings. I discussed with him on the trip how eager and game I am, that he mentioned pegging and in a wk I had ordered the gear and we started within that wk, I listed and read up on it online and was all in. And how I want to be died up and spanked and teased and my gear which I got well over a month or so plus is sitting in the bag in the closet and hes showed no interest in it, etc and he said was correct and that wasnt right and he needs to be curious about and explore for me.

It needs to be equal that we listen to one another and our desires if we are going to be there for one another it cant be one sided. But Im also very curious and motivated and determined, like I want to provide the best possible experience and Im super fixated on doing so when it starts. I can go for a long time and I just want to drive him crazy.

So back to the bedroom, he fucked me, he used the crop I just on the mail to spank me, then fucked me, then spanked, and then grabbed the leather harness around my waist and used it to guide me into him thrusting me, oh my I was in heaven! I was also wearing the new black striped pantyhose with black lace tops.

But then he pulled back, we stood there, and kissed and he made some comment about now what? I said "Im waiting for you to tell me what to do" and he paused and then said to get on the floor on my knees, oh yes! I did, and he put his cock in my mouth and woah that part just got hot, Id suck, hed lean over and spank my ass with the crop and Id rock while sucking, and he grabbed my hair, and oh my goodness, pulling his cock out making me stop when I didnt want too and pausing then putting it back in mouth.

Okay let me just say, this was all supert hot, super arousing, super what I like and the type of thing I want, Id say Im more into sensual domination, nothing demeaning, just a guy confident and firm and knows the things to do or say and dictate. He did great and I loved every min of it. I begged him at that point to get in the bed so I could climb on top of him, but he still had to bend me over the bed more, fuck me, and then put a new little plug in my ass. I was so turned on and I climbed on top of him, thrusting, and it felt so good! He talked to me during all this, tell me how sexy I was, how he wanted to blow his load so many times already and didnt but it was hard doing all that. All that just turned me on more, I love him talking to me. But just as I was getting so aroused he lost control. Ah man! Its okay though, I tell him its okay and just keep riding him and want him to enjoy. He did hold out for quite awhile and it was all so arousing. But I didnt cum.

I grabbed my toy, and well the battery was dead! Ha! Got another one that doesnt work as well and well, I get performance or something anxiety, feel pressure to hurry? I dont know and it wouldnt work, I laughed about it and we were cuddled, he was starting to drift off and I kept the other toy inside of me, trying to grind, but it wasnt gonna do it. So I just relaxed, got in my mind and invisioned his cock in my mouth and sucking it, focusing more on that stuff then trying to make my body cum, and he woke up just then and started to lightly touch my nipple and that is when it was happening! It all lined up and I orgasmed!


We got up and I showered off, the soup was simmering and we had dinner both pleasantly exhausted and laughing, he says "Im marvel at how much we have missed out on really knowing one another and doing all of this, I think we both thought each other was too vanilla for this and we didnt say anything" or he says we are just dirty old people, ha, we arent old yet! But yeah coming up to 50

We have had so much fun, we sat in Vegas and I said "Okay what have we learned?" as far as the pros and cons, things we did that were good and werent so good and what we would do different, etc. For one, a hotel for more mature folks with slower pace, and we have a spot but the suites were all booked which is why we didnt go, but next time, back to our old stomping grounds off the strip

And a fridge and microwave in the room (this place didnt have those either we just stayed at)

Im almost thinking with the amount we spent, Id rather stay home and plan something! Or we need to just go back to our beach getaways, but hey, it was still fun, and my husband is more the Vegas guy and he enjoyed himself despite throwing up all wknd.

We just arent 20 anymore, our bodies are wanting more but we have to pace ourselves and be in better shape so as not to hurt ourselves

Im finally over the wheezing after this am, I think it was breathing the smokers smoke at the casino that set me off again, my cough sounded so bad for 2 days but is subsiding.

I have to plan a trip very soon out of state, before husband surgery, to check on the family land, etc. So maybe leave in a wk or so and go for about 2, will see how things play out.

I have more to write about, like Esther Perels book on cheating and husband and I talking about fantasies, etc... but thats for later, I have a whole day ahead to write more if I have time.