Slowly descending into madness
2022-04-28 16:30:06 (UTC)

Pretentious business grads & montelukast

This is a rant entry. I'm going to write about anything and everything. And mostly I'll complain.

I skipped university for 2 days. Best thing I've ever done for myself. 100/100 recommended.

I hate the fact that this is my last chill year. I'll have to think about jobs and stuff within months. Mostly I need to be prepared about leaving the country. I want to live in a suburban area, I want to make my own scented candles and sell them and I want to bake pies and I want to live alone where no one can hear me cry out loud. I cannot cry in front of people. Not at all. I've been bullied since I was a child for crying in front of people and now I cannot cry in front of anyone anymore. I wholeheartedly believe that crying is not a sign of weakness but it doesn’t apply for me. My tears have no value to these people.

I like the subject I study but I hate the people I have to deal with everyday because of what I study. Why are business grads so pretentious? Why do they talk like they know everything? Oh my God you’re literally learning about nfts to make yourselves look cool AND IT'S NOT EVEN WORKING??? I cannot express how much hatred I hold for business grads. Tf is a start-up specialist 😭 please shut up. Every single day business grads smother me to death and I want to run tf away. I feel like I'll be eternally in a bad mood because of these people. I swear I'll go to jail for murdering one of these pretentious bitches someday. As I'm writing I feel like I'm going to throw up.

Also found out asthma drug montelukast has a side effect that makes people suicidal. It’s very effective but cons are, it will make you wanna die. I feel like texting him and letting him know then I'm like nooooo, don’t wanna be toxic and manipulative. Apparently everything I do is toxic and manipulative. K fine? Stay well without me. I'm distancing myself slowly from everyone anyway 🤺