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2022-04-27 09:27:55 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: April 2022


[Names and locations have been obscured to preserve privacy.]

Well, I packed-up as much as I could in Car, and am currently visiting my mother and my brother's family a couple hours from my former home. After a few days I'll be en route to my next home, waaaay out west and at the equivalent of a campground. It's actually happening, and beyond a few flashes of panic (mostly while packing, sorting, and donating physical possessions) I'm excited.

I have a month on-site at the eco-institute as a guest, where I'll gain a feeling for the land and the routine. Then if all is well I'll work as an intern for upwards of a year. Ready to live in cabins, tents, and a bunkhouse. It's strange, unfamiliar, and new. Just another Wednesday, you know... I have my route planned out, and hotel stays booked along the way. I've budgeted six days of travel and I ought to be ready to go on Saturday the 7th of May.

Currently setting up a PO Box for postal deliveries, as well as gearing up for a phone call with the auto insurance company. Kind of just balked on this, as it's paid up until September. However I need to cancel my renter's insurance since I've scaled-back on physical items. I wonder if renter's insurance is even possible for someone in my situation.

Weird story I learned of just today. Apparently one of my training replacements at the old day job has been terminated for "abandonment of work." I received a text message from an old coworker indicating that the trainer had been absent from the office for about a week. Not a good egg (as I suspected, honestly, and what I warned my Executive Director of prior to my departure). It's unfortunate, but I'm not able to do anything to help out, even if they start a new training next week. They're in trouble, and it's going to be tense for them for a while.

Meanwhile, once I'm on-site at the eco-institute I may become a video editor for them. There's apparently a lot of footage of events, experiments, and projects happening there, and they need to be converted to YT videos. So if I step up and do that, with a quality, quick turnaround, I may supplement my income (or is it -generate any income-) for them while there. This would reduce some anxiety, I think.

Had final lunches with a number of friends. My long-time ex and soap-making partner and I had a heart-felt farewell (she's also offered to help rid me of furniture and other things like my soap-making equipment). My old writing partners treated me to one last Impossible Whopper at the local Burger King. I bought my last bags of groceries from the natural foods store, and bid the proprietor farewell.

I have to reach out to a potential contact in the town near to the eco-institute (an old friend of one of my former coworkers). It will be wise to have some local support, especially when I first arrive and find my footing.

Doctor's visit went rather smoothly. Lab results from the blood and urine samples indicated very good health, and I apparently have super-human kidneys. A brief visit to the eye doctor indicated there was negligible degeneration. I now have an eye-scan on file as a baseline for future eye exams. Apart from a bit of comfort-eating these past couple weeks, weight has been stable and my diet is evolving into the "organic or better" standard promoted by the eco-institute.

I'm as ready as I can be to start a new chapter, this one in the wilderness.

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