no name
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2022-04-25 22:36:48 (UTC)

its fine

Not as much words as it is feeling and being

iPhone, to the side
sliding desk
phone playing Heart for Brains (ha), youtube unfortunately
away from smule
big pc ig
two water bottles
nose feeling wonky, like, uncomfortable
11:38 PM, pitch dark besides the light from this screen, the outline of the door, and my phone
curtains not even closed
i want to listen to Elita

I cannot remember why I turned this on, but now No Surprises is playing and it just reminds me of that one night, and those movies, and that homework, and those nights, and that nail polish, and those rings, and all the things that shouldn't matter but they do. To me, despite the insignificance of it all. I don't know man
I had some stuff I was gonna read. I had two things I planned on reading, in truth. Maybe I should save them? No. I don't know what I'll do. There's a lot of things I don't want to think about, writing about them feels like I'm making them even more present in my memory, in the world. I'll finish reading that story, browse through some depressing crap, find nothing and come back here and finish some shows, finish some movies, you know the rest.

its ok that none of it matters
dreading something, i dont know what