Slowly descending into madness
2022-04-23 11:55:19 (UTC)

Nerdy beans

I'm highly allergic to coffee. It reacts badly with my body causing food poisoning & skin allergy. Yet I think I go to nerdy beans, a coffeeshop once in two weeks. I love it there because it goes with my vibes. I take all my favourite people there.

Absolutely love their English breakfast platter. And since I'm allergic to coffee, I always go for a blueberry smoothie. Most importantly, they have book shelves. These are so special because growing up the books I read and the books I always wanted to read.

I want to go there and spend the whole day there. Don't want to go anywhere else these days. Everything feels toxic. Everyone seems so rude. There’s no love for me here.

Edit: I forgot to add, nerdy beans feels like slytherin common room to me.
Mysterious dungeon ✅
Literally underground ✅
Cosy as fuck ✅
Vibes all over ✅
People who go there are very quiet and all are very young ✅

I love this place ✅