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2022-04-22 09:55:44 (UTC)

Fan Expo Invitation


I don't know how to feel about today. Everything's been going well but it doesn't feel right. I think the Zoloft started kicking in but I can't be sure. I've been happier lately which is good but I can't tell if it's because my friendships are going back to normal or because of the medicine. I hope it's just because of my friendships because something still doesn't feel right. I can't place my finger on what but it's something. I forgot my headphones at home today and I'm kind oof annoyed. I can barely survive a loud classroom without my music how am I gunna spend an hour and a half in silence in pride? I was thinking about asking Olivia to borrow her headphones but I won't see her till after pride so oh well. I made a new friend a few days ago which is nice. Her name is Audry but she asked anyone who reads her entries to call her by her middle name, Rose. I'm pretty sure she reads my entries sometimes so hi Rose! :)

Sorry if this entry is kind of weird, I don't have much to talk about today. Oh! I got it. Uhhhhhhh, this isn't much but Riley knows about Athena and Vinny now. We were at a girlscout meeting and we were talking to Ari when she said that Vinny and Athena were going on a date tomorrow (today now). Riley looked at me and asked "what?" and I had to explain that they were dating now. I told her not to tell anyone and she agreed. I think she'll probably tell Kiarra but whatever, it's not my fault. After I explained it to Riley, Ari told me that she was supposed to keep it a secret. I told her I knew and that she sucked at keeping secrets. She's Athenas' best friend but even then there is no way I'd ever trust Ari with a secret. She's a good friend and all, she just can't keep a secret. I don't see why Vinny can't just tell anyone. I mean, he dosen't have to tell everyone but there's no reason to keep it from us. We're his best friends... I thought... Whatever, it's best not to worry about it for now. I've worried about it enough.

Ooooooo! Something cool that's going on soon is the Cleveland fan expo. It's like comic con but less... comic con. Riley and her dad invited me to go with them so that's gunna be really fun. Riley asked if I wanted to go in cosplay with her and I said absolutely! We were originally going to go in matching costumes, ones that go together, but we both found stuff we'd rather do separately so we decided on that instead. Riley's going as Alice from Alice In Wonderland and I'm going as Red Riot (Ejiro Kirishima) from MHA. She already has the dress and stuff (it's really nice and the patterns on the dress are beautiful) but I still need to throw together mine. My idea for the pants is to just wear my black cargo pants and buy a long red shirt to cut up and wear over them. I'm making the shoulder things out or cardboard and foam and my dad is 3d printing the headpiece. We could always make it by hand though if it looks bad. For the shirtless part, I could probably just wear a black crop top with long sleeves (and thumbholes) or a skin-colored shirt. I'm thinking we could go to the store and get some red and brown/black spray paint to make everything look nice. Probably just red though, it's a cartoon so his whole costume is in solid colors. We have red hair dye too so I could dye my bangs red and spike them up. This is gunna look so cool! I'm soooooo excited! I've never done cosplay before either. I've always been interested in it and willing to try but I never had a reason to. This is a great opportunity!

They're gunna have a bunch of random celebrities there too which is cool. They've got the voice actors of Mario (and by extension Luigi since he voices both usually), All Might, Deku, Todoroki, Squidward, Daphene (scooby doo), Discord (mlp), and some other ones too. They've also got celebrities and professional cosplayers but I don't know who any of them are so I'm a bit less excited. It's still awesome though! They have some cool things for cosplayers to do too. There are places where cosplayers from the same fandom can meet up and take photos together to that'll be fun. MHA was the first one named so it'll definitely be there. Along with that, they have a red carpet thing where for free you can just walk down the carpet and show off your costume. They even have professional photographers! There's a contest too for the best cosplay. I'm definitely not winning it but it'd still be cool to try. They've got merch stands and celebrity photo ops and all sorts of stuff. I'm so excited!!! I should tell my friend Kylee about it. I bet she already knows but she likes cosplay and she'd probably be thankful just in case.

I tried telling Vinny about it but he didn't seem to care. I don't know what's up with him -_- . He was so obsessed with mha, he had bracelets and we talked about it and everything but even when I mentioned that the voice actors would be there he seemed bored out of his mind! I mean, I guess he doesn't have to be super excited and happy about it but he looked bored. It's whatever though. He was complaining a month or so ago that we have nothing in common but I disagree, h just never wants to discuss what we do have in common. he always looks so bored or he finds an excuse to leave the conversation. Any time he tells me about something he likes I always make sure to check it out and let him know I did so. I think he's just ungrateful. I'm trying my hardest to be a good friend and make sure we have stuff in common and keep things not awkward and talk whenever works but he doesn't give me anything to work with! He randomly walks out of conversations, he always walks a few feet in front of the friend group, and he never looks interested in anything! AAAAAAAAAA! I can only do so much before it becomes his problem you know? I'm trying.

On the bright side though, I talked to Kylee in pride and she's going to the fan expo too. She said she was excited to see me there and that it should be really fun. I told her it would be my first con and she said it was hers too. I also said it would be my first time cosplaying and that I was being Kirishima. I said it might look like dog poop but it least it would be fun and she agreed lol. I also told Olivia about it and she seemed interested too. She asked if maybe my parents could take her but I apologized and said Riley was taking me. She looked upset but it's not like I can help it. I'd take her if I could. Apparently Dylan’s (my neighbor) going too. He’s going to a dance recital near it so he figured he’d just go there for the fun of it. He’s mainly going for the guy who plays Crowley on Supernatural (Mark Sheppard) but there’s other stuff too. I didn’t even know Mark Sheppard was going to be there and if you’ve been reading my diary for a while I was OBSESSED with Supernatural last year so this’ll be exciting!… or at least it would’ve been if he were coming on the day I was. I won’t get to see him but at least it’s cool that he’s going.

Today at lunch I gave Quinn the drawing. She was happy and said she was gunna hang it on the wall in her room. I'm so glad she liked it! She showed it to her friends too, they liked it as well! And when I was leaving she was like "bye, I love you" and omg my hearttttttt. When I got back me and Olivia talked about how hot she is lol. I was iffy about her at first but damn do I love Quinn (in a platonic way). She’s cool. And speaking of friends, I talked with Avery today. Not much, just some quick catching up on my end and that was it. (Quick note: if there’s anything I’ve learned about people recently is that they like talking about themselves. I don’t mind listening to what others have to say but I’d like to speak too please? And it’d also be nice to have someone other than Olivia [and my new friend Rose :)] ask how I’ve been. Just saying~)

But yeah, Avery’s got another boyfriend now. His name is Austin and he kinda sorta looks like my neighbor (Aiden) but not really. Avery says he’s “SO HOT” but I think he’s meh at best. He looks kinda good in some of the photos she sent me but I lost all hope when I saw him with boxers on his head. I swear, middle school boys are yuck. Good for Avery though, I’m glad she’s happy with him. They’re a cute couple too, they hold hands and stuff. Not my cup of tea but I’m happy if she is. Their one month anniversary is tomorrow which is cool. She doesn’t seem very excited though… Not that they have to be excited, I guess they just seemed like the type to celebrate every anniversary possible. They look like the poster child of a middle school relationship. I tried talking to her about how everyone’s dating someone but me but she just called me emo then changed the subject. Alrighty then I guess. I didn’t expect that reaction but ok. I guess I should probably go now but I’ll write again soon. Buh bye!

~ Gentleman