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2022-04-21 15:16:07 (UTC)

REALLY pissed me off

coming home to a scene like that

knowing i was too lazy to clean up before leaving
of course

and all i could do was clean, stand around, and pull at my hair out of frustration and uneasiness (reminds me of how i procrastinate with homework, in this case i literally cannot stand to stay in my room or even just stand still when its like that (messy), you can maintain a sense of calm by avoiding hw tho)

and i knew the feeling was futile, getting all worked up over a messy room

and that pissed me off even more

I bet the fact that they took so long to open the door set me off first, but the sight of my room would've inevitably done so as well.

Tidy pencils and materials, move bags and useless crap I wish I could throw away without guilt, move fan and chair, vacuum, clean up what wasn't vacuumed, neaten desk, make up bed, take out things for a shower, decontaminate phone and hands, put away drinks, shower.
And finally, everything is fine.
so for now, i'd say its better to htink aobut the fact that semo of my family ar eshowing covid symptoms
than to sulk about how dirty my room was like half an hour ago.
oh and finish eating that food- except im not hungry...
I'll save it.
shouldn't ahve eaten breakfast anyway
wasn't hungry
I'll drink tea.