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I Hate Middle School
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2022-04-19 23:34:46 (UTC)

Pretty Good Day


I feel good today. Everything that was once bad seems to be slowly fixing itself. It won't be like that for long I'm sure but I better enjoy it while it lasts. The first thing is my mom. I talked to her yesterday and we got in a big argument and I cried on and off for like two hours. I ate in my room by her decision and it just sucked. After that, I took a shower and we both apologized. It was nice. A little time passed by and by this time it was around 9:30. I don't know what I was thinking but without words I just walked into my moms room and slipped into bed next to her. I put my head on her and she just hugged me. I needed that. We watched some Netflix but eventually my dad kicked me out of his spot and I slept in my own room. Nothing's fixed but it's better.

Another good thing that happened today was Vinny. Things have been going good lately and me and Olivia were talking about it last night. She showed me a picture of Murdoc (from Gorillaz) that he drew off her hoodie and gave to her. She was talking about how good he was at art and I agreed. Then, this morning while I was walking into school I looked off the balcony and saw Vinny walking the other way. I called his name and he motioned for me to wait for him. He took off up the stairs towards me and I slowly walked to him. We talked for a second then he told me to wait while he grabbed something from his backpack. After searching it for a while he pulled out a half-done drawing of the demon days album cover. I told him it looked really good (because it did) and that Olivia told me about the drawing he gave her. I told him how she said he was super good at art and how I agreed and it was nice. After that we had to go to class but it was nice talking with him.

And about my cat. He's still gone and honestly, I think he's dead, but my other two cats have been more chill with me lately so I guess that's good. I've also been visiting Jaylan and my grandma lately so I've been petting their cat, Midnight, a lot too. I still miss my cat a lot but three cats are better than no cats I guess. Some lady said she'd try to (humanly) trap my cat, Gentleman, too so that's nice of her. A few days ago I found some polaroid photos of him that I took and put them up on my mirror and pinboard. He's so cute, I really hope he's alright. At what point do you stop looking for a missing cat? Because I want him back but if he's dead we can't just keep searching forever. I'm ready to keep searching for a long time but I can't do it forever.

Today at lunch Vinny was showing off his drawing like crazy. Everyone was going INSANE over it and I’m so happy for him. Kiarra was like “since when is Vinny an artist?” and honestly I have no clue. He finally finished it in 7th period and it looked amazing! The shading was really smooth and the proportions were great. I’ll admit it, I was even a little jealous. I guess that’s nothing new though. At lunch today I apologized to Vinny too for back in 4-5th grade. Nothing too serious, I just said I was so sorry for being an asshole to him and he said it was alright. I think it happened because he was asking how we even became friends. I guessed that it was about the time when I was sitting at the front of the bus alone (‘cause I was too afraid to follow Michael to the back of the bus with everyone else) and Vinny decided to sit with me even though I was an asshole. He said he remembered that and agreed that that’s probably the beginning of our friendship.

After that we just got closer. Obviously we’ve had our rough patches recently but at least I’m not literally bullying him anymore! Heheh… I still feel horrible about that. I was such an asshole to him and yet he still came and sat by me. I’m still an asshole to him and yet he’s still my friend. I don’t deserve people like him. They’re too good for me. I guess I better enjoy it before he notices then. I’m glad to have them.

Something cool I did today… well, because of 8th grade science testing I got to sit in the pod during 3rd period. While out there I watched a video of Jaden Animations playing weird dating sims and decided I had to do that too. I ended up playing a crappy Shrek dating sim, a well made vampire dating sim (which I only played like 5 minutes of), a crappy fnaf dating sim, and a well made rat dating sim. It was called The Ratchelor. It’s free on google and I absolutely love it. Spoilers! I ended up with a rat who was really 3 lizards in a coat on season one and a ghost on season two. It was interesting… When I got home though I downloaded this other fnaf dating sim off the App Store and the lure in this game is amazing! Spoilers again! Running away from the school and Jumpscare factory with Foxy was amazing. In the most dating sim way possible. I honestly love that fake animatronic fox more than I’ve ever loved a real person. Obviously I’m joking but Foxy is my soulmate lol.

I should probably go to sleep now but I guess I’ll write again tomorrow. See you then! Buh bye!

~ Gentleman