Slowly descending into madness
2022-04-20 21:58:06 (UTC)

Diary prompt 4

What are the 3 things you need in a relationship?

My relationship with my ex was exhausting but I learned so much from the relationship, so much from him. I used to ask God if it doesn’t last, why did he put me through it? Now I know the answer. So I can treat that one love better.

1. Communicate without hurting specially when you’re angry. My partner can't use things against me, things I've told him because I trust him. Stuff like: past, insecurities, curses like I want you to die etc. It breaks trust, worse than cheating.

2. My partner can't make me insecure about a woman. He can't make me jealous intentionally. That's the moment I'll fucking drop him. I'd rather live alone than living with insecurities.

3. My partner can't talk shit about my family. Nope, take your disrespectful attitude somewhere else.