Emo Gyrl

Becoming Me
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2022-04-19 16:24:20 (UTC)

Sleep Study part 1

I had to spend the night at the hospital last night they put all sorts of wires on my body from top to bottom. I had trouble sleeping for a while but luckily they have TV and I let it stay on their and on cartoon.

I had to let it stay on one channel though because they said if, I move it would mess up the movements. I went to the bathroom like twice. I couldn't sleep at first when they put the TV on sleep mode and when it cutt off I just started at the wall just thinking.

Then,they decided that I could just leave the TV on because it's honestly the only way for me to fall asleep and cartoon. Mainly SpongeBob.

I have to go back tonight but this time their putting a machine on me for me to help breathing because as they said I pause in between my breathing so, C- Pap machine it is. Most likely gonna have to wear that every night to control me breathing and going to sleep at night.


- A