Slowly descending into madness
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2022-04-19 17:14:07 (UTC)

Peace & conflict

Do you know the best way to take someone down? Knowing her properly. Analyzing her behaviour. Knowing her weak points. Then attack her.

It's not always about the passive aggressiveness. It's about finding out where their passion lies. It’s about finding out their most vulnerable place and poke there until they bleed out.

If she thinks she can get away with whatever the fuck she did to me, she doesn’t know who she's fucking with. I have a very bad reputation, probably the worst history in human kind ruining people WHO TRULY DESERVE IT. And I don’t look back, ever again, I don’t feel bad, I don’t care. That's me being super apathetic but in my defense, they deserve it.

I'm going to break her down. I'm going to make her feel what I felt today. Until that, I will not calm down. I believe in violence, I can't have peace without a war.