Emo Gyrl

Becoming Me
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2022-04-19 16:20:03 (UTC)

He blocked me

First he unfriended me from Snapchat then blocks me on Facebook because I tried to search him up before I blocked him back on Facebook but I can't now because he blocked me. I even tried to search up his name and nothing.

I knew everything was gonna go downhill when he came to my house that second time. I knew I shouldn't have let him in the first place but he kept begging and now he gotten what he wanted because whenever I ask to see him he says he be sleep when he gets home from work or he left his phone in the car or at home all day ( which is bullshit if you ask me). I think he just was with someone besides or talking to someone besides me.... Gosh, I feel so stupid.

I don't even know why I suggested on second thoughts with my boyfriend. I mean he treats me better than, he ever did and if, he ask me to marry him one day I will because these other niggas are just a waste of my time,breathe and fucking energy.

- A