Slowly descending into madness
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2022-04-19 11:46:19 (UTC)

Issues & death wish

Everyday for last one week, at least one bad thing has been happening to me. Misunderstood, confusion, some other things triggering my anger issues which leads to high blood pressure and neck pain. And my God, the sky daddy doesn’t stop ever, does He? Every single day I deal with something new.

Everyday either I'm fighting with mom, or one classmate or my sister and I hate to say this BUT I'M NOT AT FAULT. For example yesterday my sister FROM FUCKING CANADA, she started to complain about Hermit. Hermit might be my ex boyfriend but we're friends now. And he's one of the people who actually gives a fuck about my well-being. My sister was very persistent that he's only there for me because I'm doing good now. He'll leave when I'll become an emotional wreck.

BRO. BROOOO. I AM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. Everyday I think about committing suicide, every fucking day.

I don’t like it when she's constantly blaming hermit for stuff that happened in 2019. I moved on, she should move on too. Specially, Hermit can't damage me more than my sister anyway, yet I forgave her.

Everything feels so messed up. I wish I had someone who would pat my head and say it'll be okay. No one does that and I NEED THAT COMFORT.

I hate everything today. Yesterday. 2 days ago. I just hate everything.